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I am trying to figure out how to improve my Brigadier General 5's carrier since I just came back after a long hiatus and I want to see if I can increase my overall survivability in PvE primarily then PvP.

I am using Disruptor Beams and Chroniton Torpedoes for debuffing resistance and slowing down others to my crawling speed every so often. As for my figher loadout, I have all of them in my inventory so I just need to decide which ones to use.

This is my current BO loadout. Keep in mind this build hasn't been looked at for about a year so my information is sorely out of date.

Tier 1: Tactical Team I
Tier 2: High Yield Torpedo II
Tier 3: Attack Pattern Delta II

Tier 1: Engineering Team I
Tier 2: Emergency Power to Shields II
Tier 3: Aux to Structural Integrity II

Science 1
Tier 1: Tractor Beam I
Tier 2: Energy Siphon I

Science 2
Tier 1: Science Team I
Tier 2: Transfer Shield Strength II
Tier 3: Hazard Emitters III
Tier 4: Feedback Pulse III

After reading around, it seems that I should switch up my Engineer. Should I switch out Aux to Structural Integrity II for Emergency Power to Shields III with all my healing abilities from my science officer? My thoughts have been since I have science powers meant to aid in keeping the shields up, I should go for a more balanced approach with multiple shield recharge powers and stronger Hull repairing powers. What's the best way to go to keep myself up?

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