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# 1 Pulsewave
07-11-2011, 12:36 AM
The pulsewave assault rifle needs some serious looking in to. Certainly, many of the issues that shipped with season 4 need work, some of them a lot of work, but this weapon in particular is the worst culprit.

An example:
A tactical captain can walk up behind a group of 3 or more people, activate all damage buffs, and literally one shot every player within 6m of the blast. If anyone survives, they can be picked off by one shot of the primary or a melee attack. The same is true to a smaller extent with science or engineering captains, but this is highly made up for by other skills (i.e. turrets, exothermic induction field).

In addition to this, the fire rate of stun pistols make them equally as deadly. In a test match, I used a Type 2 phaser against a science captain (as a tactical captain) and stunned and phased him to death over a period of seconds. 3 primary shots take away shields. 4-5 more kill, all while the victim is stunned and cannot respond.

All I'm saying is, in addition to many other things, weapons need some serious work.

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