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Okay all was rather nice, the ground missions could be challenging if you wanted them to be. Now on the otherhand, getting one shotted by NPC's while on regular easy settings has not only become annoying but down right makes ANY ground combat mission on the ground unplayable on Holodeck.

Since the rollout of Season 4, despite having Mark 11 gear on myself and all my BO's all across the realm of characters I have created; death has been pretty much a given. No hold on a sec while I recharge, etc. myself and my BO's get blown away and this is no matter what setting I play RPG or First Shooter. I feel like I am playing against NPC's 15 to 20 levels above my maxed out VA's.

I know that there are some who wanted this kind of play, however now as I look at this situation the game play has become too drasticly altered to even make any kind of ground mission except for non-combat ambassador missions to be playable.

I have had to abort any ground missions now with this issue and even the Zaria Emancipation Mission which could be a challenge is now broken as it will not complete or as one sometimes will discover, you get one shot death and the Defari even if they beam out will not give credit.

I hope some adjustments will be made to game play so that those of use who enjoyed the previous style of play will see something akin to normalcy of not getting a one shot from what appears to the be a same level ground NPC which instead more like one that is 15 or 20 levels above.


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