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The new shooter mode is really neat, but there are a few quirks that I've found that make the experience less than ideal.

One issue is that while there is a keybind for Rally Point, there does not seem to be a keybind to REMOVE it. In the midst of combat, I don't particularly want to have to switch out of shooter mode in order to clear my rally point.

Another problem is when every enemy in a group rushes you at the same time. It is really hard to see anything let alone aim at a specific enemy. This is especially prevalent with the Undine who usually don't stay back and shoot from afar (except leaders who occasionally use Psi powers from afar). This was not as much of a problem when I could tab from one enemy to the next, but it's really hard to AIM when my screen is completely covered in a mass of writhing Unidine parts.

I see 2 ways that would help to solve this issue. One would be to only have one enemy at a time engage you in hand-to-hand and have the others attack BOs. Another nice addition would be a dedicated melee weapon slot with a user-selected option to automatically switch to it when an enemy is close. All these things together would be superb.

So in summary:
1) Keybind for remove Rally Point
2) One enemy engaging you in hand-to-hand combat at a time (rest shooting at you or melee attacking BOs)
3) Dedicated melee weapon slot
4) Option (opt-in by user) to automatically switch to melee weapon (if available) when an enemy gets close. Z key returns you to previously held ranged weapon.
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# 2
07-09-2011, 02:17 AM
The no way remove a rally point in shooter mode is my biggest gripe. Its annoying having to continuously set rally points in shooter mode or drop back to RPG to remove them.
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# 3
07-10-2011, 07:44 AM
I know that Shooter Mode is not FPS, but any FPS game does not have the enemy rushing you right at the beginning of a fire fight. The game has always irritated me with this since it makes no sense that with all my teams firing, there is still the ability to rush me without any difficulty. The improved weapon damage make it even more perposterous that the enemy would rush towards me right at the beginning. I don't see any real strategy in the game, just shoot fast and hope to survive. The NPC programming does need some improvement (both for enemy and Boff).

I still like the Shooter Mode, but I probably won't use it much until I see better codes for the NPC ground combat actions.
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# 4 The " B " button
07-10-2011, 09:23 AM
The best part about shooter mode is the " B " button, I was on infected, switched to shooter mode to check it out. OMFG, (actual thought atm ). Wow, if this was like a shooter game, that would be awesome. But this game relies on me using my BO's skills as well. In fact, I use their skills more than my own, or equal. How can I use their skills effectively if my cursor is several inches away from my abilities? Perhaps their idea of making ground combat better is by decreasing my ability to survive.
This mode might be great for you younger kids or mutants with six fingers or something. But I'm an old timer. I hate to admit it, but my reaction times are slower, visability please, I wear trifocals. But, should I just lay down my Phaser Pistols and move on? (please don't answer that). This game was made for Star Trek fans, I believe more than just a game made for todays youth.
What I see that needs fixing with ground combat is not the need to have the entire enemy group focus pretty much solely on me as per season 4. I would think with my away team of Purps, with superior ground traits, and myself wearing the latest in technology armor and shields, I should not be calling out to my away team to revive me a couple times per round, which never happened before S4. What they need is better ground environment. Although all games have their baddies laid out in groups. They should have strolling traffic throughout the base. like maybe 1 empty hallway, but their should be people in some of the hallways, that might need to be taken out before the can set off an alarm and a security team starts looking for you. If you just saw that image in your head, you know that it would be better, and supports flavor of Star Trek more than empty hallways that lead to preplanned badguys.
2 Lifetime accounts, please keep this game playable. You know there's something wrong when you see me post in the forums. For those who listened and agree with some of my points, Thank You for listening, for those who do not, " Get OFF my Lawn !! " ))8-P
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# 5
07-12-2011, 01:58 AM
They really need to add the ability to cancel rally points in shooter mode. Its pretty annoying.

Plus I would like the ability to set individual rally points in shooter mode, and an over all setting for the distance they stand from you or the rally points. Having a larger leash distance will make it so they dont all climb up my back when we are moving around.
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# 6
07-12-2011, 01:23 PM
I was heavily into the commands over a year ago and just recently came back. There has been a lot of shuffling since a few of us came up with the camera chase mode and various what nots. Maybe after some digging into the new commands I can find out how to keybind it.

The best implementation would be to make the Rally Point keybind into a toggle.

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