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07-12-2011, 10:31 PM
Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
I fly KDF at least as much as I do Starfleet, and don't do a bad job of it. I tried the B'rel out; the broken cloak is too high a price to pay for me personally, although I'll likely put my Sci captain in one when it's fixed. Having faced it as well as flown it I've actually got a better grasp of how easy or hard what it does is to counter than if I was just flying the B'rel. You're entitled to your opinion, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't make assumptions about wether or not I've flown the B'rel or assume my own opinion of the B'rel is somehow ill informed because it doesn't tally with your own experience. Especially considering the following...

Although Tyken's rift could be used, it's not as your post would indicate, the only way. I've seen Tachyon Beam and Charged Particle Burst (which don't share a cooldown or require a stationary target) used by a B'rel to get rid of shields quite effectively, in my opinion it's more reliable than Tykens Rift as they attack the shield, not the power level of the shield. And with the potential for having Lt Cmdr/Cmdr sci officers, it's easier to roll them out at higher ranks and more often, tactical initiative would also help in this situation. And having aux at max for science powers is no problem for a B'rel since a cloaked B'rel has no shields and can't fire energy weapons, so you can push all energy to aux and the remainder to engines.

I'm aware that other ships/careers can detect cloak, but be good at it? I wouldn't say so, but that's a matter of opinion. Regarding what I said about torpedo spread, I was explaining an idea for how torpedo spread could be used to detect a cloaked ship, this cloaked ship would have no shields, I'm not sure where "no bearing in PVE or PVP if the target has shields up" came from, because the target's cloaked. I hope that's clearer though, sometimes I don't explain things in the best manner.
I'm going to be the adult here and take control, because I'm not gonna get in a ****ing match with you over something in a game which would show immaturity when fellow gamers act this way its uncalled for. The only thing thats going to make everyone happy between the changes people want for the b'rel and those who would fear such change is a full canon change in the game. So I will lay it out here, so in the movie this b'rel was dishing out a lot more damage than we can in the game and being its a game itself there must be balance. We can all agree it is classified as a C-Store ship. It has also been said that STO is going in a console and possibly item format for these ships so the answer is already been partially layed out on what must be done and I'm not a dev but what I have read it may be cheaper and please everyone. Ok first on the b'rel make it where all healing has to be done when decloaked (This solves the HoT and other healing as well as not being able to be healed by another player while in EBC issues and fears from opposite faction). Next thing as previous poster stated when we fire front slots/forward torpedos we get a red flash effect and keep the mines the same as they are currently and if there is a rear torpedo to decloak it for 3 seconds as well as current not healing boffs to keep most of it the same. The gain is we get a console that allows our torpedos to have a decent shield penetration which this would help big time because of the cookie cutter shielding we see in pvp and the quickness to be able to complete patrols in EBC.

Now for the counter balance if this ever went into developement is a new ship for the federation that has a torpedo instead of a console in respect to the movie of how they destroyed the b'rel with a gaseous anomalie equipment modified torpedo that could work like a console and you could interchange it with any ship you wanted to use it in. So basically if you have b'rel players like myself who do not want to have to go out of our way with some special super duper setup just to be able to use this ship like others use their favorite ships and people have a problem with that and worry about the cloaking detection this would be a simple way to appeal to that worry. The only worry I would have to make sure its perfectly balanced though is anything like the tachyon grid being able to be used in conjunction with this would then make it an unfair combination and redundant at the same time.

So FYI if the devs follow this as an idea on how to improve the b'rel nobody in their right mind could get upset KDF can use a plaque, fed side can use a plaque to if they fear the need for it. I believe it would be a willing compromise to ensure balance and also would be following canon to the letter.

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