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# 1 STF's Infected and KA
07-05-2011, 08:05 AM
I've been noticing as of late that the Infected and KA missions generate a large amount of Lag for me, almost to the point that i'm unable to play them. Mind you I don't have any problems in the game as far as lag other than when doing infected and KA. I can do the Cure just fine, and Terradome doesn't cause any issues either. I'm pretty sure it's not my computer as other members of my fleet and friends I've done the missions with also experience the same problems. I admit my computer isn't fresh off the shelf, but there has to be something in these two missions that is causing the lag.

For reference I have this:
Intel Quad Core 2.4 Ghz Processor
2 Nvida GTX 260 on SLI
EVGA 680i LT Motherboard
2 Western Digital 320 GB SATA drives on Raid 0
12 MB Qwest High Speed DSL line

I built the PC about 5 years ago and have been upgrading the parts here and there, but I haven't found a need to upgrade it any further because it handles every game I play fine including STO. I'm more just curious if anything to see if anyone else experiences these issues with PC's far better than mine, and if there has been any work done to the STF's to address the issues in general. I know Gozer is working on a revamp of the missions so I may be blowing smoke at this point, but I just wanted to see what others are experiencing and save a little of my sanity.
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# 2
07-05-2011, 09:38 AM
Just ran KA on the KDF side last night. Seemed to run "as usual" for our team.
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# 3
07-05-2011, 11:37 AM
One other thing I noticed a lot too is that the Borg in KA when we ran it were not at all "like normal" and would bum rush you unlike the normal zombie like advancement. It was more like Dawn of the Dead chase you at full sprint. Then we would walk into some of the multi-level rooms and instantly pull the whole room. Literally we would take one shot at the nodes and faster than we could drop the node we had the whole room bum rushing us at the top.

Seemed really odd. Had the exact same problem with Infected the day before. Borg would just rush you and swarm around your location until you were all dead.
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# 4
07-10-2011, 07:01 AM
Noticed that the Borg weren't acting....normal in INfected last night.

I had just done "Assimilated" earlier because my Sci had completed that mission the first time before the console was went thru it again. Borg were pushovers...Mowed thru them with relative ease.

Later when I managed to get a group to go thru INfected....while the first part (space) was long...seemed ok...Second (Starbase up to Oggie) was great...No <censored> proto nodes...Oggie was a challenge, until I broke out my Lirpa and brought the beat down.....however the final room was just nucking futs.
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# 5
07-13-2011, 12:33 AM
Yep thats it ive done Infected 3 times now and we faild to complete endboss...
Again sto made it more difficult to abtain Borggear for more induviduel players.
Players who cant be online all the time but still want to abtain their borggear!

Ive had enough and i know many players they think they same and are not so active anymore because they stf take to much of their time and are too difficult!

Please Cryptic reward player with nice Loot...
But ngive them also a change to obtain the borggear.

PLease make the items bind on equipt,
or please sell them threw echange.
Or just trown them on c-store please make the community happy
because they arent right now!
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# 6
07-13-2011, 06:03 AM
Originally Posted by CapteinJelle View Post
Yep thats it ive done Infected 3 times now and we faild to complete endboss...
Lemme find the post....but I think it was Salami that said STFs would be...weird for a short time after S4 launched.

Not Salami, but I did find some posts by Gozer somewhat relating to Borg in this thread

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