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# 1 Lagging & rubberbanding
07-13-2011, 09:50 AM
Ill start with a question... Did Season 4 change video requirements of the game in any way?
The reason i ask is prior to the Season 4 update, (i am not trying to lay blame on Season 4, I am just using it as a time of reference), I was able to enjoy game-play fine. Since the update, I have had serious lagging & "rubber banding" that make the game-play horrendous.

I have researched the forums, tried every fix I could locate. I set video options to minimum & changed the refresh rate. Dynamic lighting is off & everything in troubleshooting is set to off as well as the video memory limit is set to auto. I tried launching in safe mode. I changed the proxy to US. with little or no change in the problems.

I have also disconnected my modems for an extended period & checked with my ISP about speed or connectivity issues.

I have noticed that the problems seem to lessen the longer I try to play. (1-2 hours).

I am hoping that someone can tell me this is because of massive player use or something similar, as, while ill be the first to admit the possibility of error, I don't believe the issue is on my end.

Any useful assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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# 2
07-13-2011, 01:30 PM
I am experiencing "rubber banding", but I'm fairly certain it's a function of doing something such as entering a system while moving. Other than that, I'm not getting any rubber banding at all so I don't think S4 changed anything. I don't have a new system (until this weekend), but I'm currently running a P4 Dual core, I think, e5400 with 2 GB ram and a Geforce 9400GT. I was experimenting with video settings and found that with AA on at all, I would get huge lag and rubber banding, but with it off I don't get it at all and I have some settings on high but most are default.

You mentioned that you had all settings to off or low to troubleshoot; did you overlook AA perhaps?

If you're worried it may be a line speed issue, you could go to and check to see what you're getting up and down.

Do you have anything running in the background while STO is running? I would start task manager, then start STO. When you notice the issue, alt+tab to task manager and sort by cpu to see what's using that resource and also sort by memory after that so you can see if it's a memory issue.

It could also be your anti-virus software doing something in the background.

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