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07-14-2011, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by Bran_Mak_Morrn View Post
1-more exterior maps ( like the one at the end of the last roman FE mission
2-player's ship bridges as playable interior maps
3-let players pick their respawn points
4-objective based games, cap the flag, king of the hill, 'zombies' & the like
Maybe you could handle the re-spawn by beaming you dead char to a med bay that is in a separate area not reachable in a arena map. like the upper left hand corner of the map. Then the walks down the hall from this safe area to the transporter and select a re-spawn point and beam in to an area that the player selects. The player before the initial beam in should be able to see all the players on the map, kinda a life signs scan, after the player has reenters the match they lose the ability to see other players on the map, pressing the v key will direct the player to the nearest hostile. mostly to prevent zergin.

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