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Had been away from the game for almost 6 months and just came back to check out season 4 and get back into it. I got into the Deferi missions with my Lt. Cmdr ENG captain and had a few questions about the Transphasic Cluster Torpedo reward.

It looks like it scales with level, but do points in either starship projectiles or starship mines effect this weapon? I'm assuming points put into starship mines would.

Just from toying around with it at the Lt. Cmdr. level, it seems like this could be a fun and somewhat effective weapon for later in the game when I have more weapon slots, possibly as a rear torpedo replacement, at least in PvE. I've been playing with it now to see how I like it, but with only 4 weapon slots, I'd rather keep a beam bank or quantum to be more effective.

Thoughts from anyone who has used this at later stages in the game? It seems like it's one of the more effective rewards you can get from doing the Deferi/Breen missions.

Sorry if this has been asked before but I checked around on search and couldn't find anything for it.

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