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# 1 ~The Evalians~
07-14-2011, 03:52 PM
The Evalian Cast: Star date 2409.

Federation's need for outsiders.

Hailing from the outskirts of the Pelia Sector; a unique race of beings known only as the “Evalians” emerge. These beings, similar to the Klingon empire in that they are fueled by the prospect of war and retain a vary unique culture. They contain vast knowledge of the Federation designated species “Undine”, the Evalians have been at war with the Undine for centuries now and have evolved to a point where there eyes are able to detecting the Undine even while they are in another form.

The Evalians have a inner circle of elders that decide many of the race's affairs, these elders also decide what contracts the Cast acquires. The Evalians are so determined to gain wealth and power for the whole of the race that they are contracted out as mercenaries and bounty hunters to many other races such as Klingon, Federation and even the Reman and Romulans.

Evalians see no need for diplomacy unless they are contractually obligated to enter into diplomacy, there ships are designed specifiably for war and only war. There ships are slightly larger than a Federation fleet escort and are extremely balanced to be versatile and fit into any kind of situation. Many of there ships contain markings of how many victories they have won through combat, scars are worn as a badge of honer.
(Rough model of the Evalian Fleet Escort "Stingray", I will be posting better photos of the ship with it even painted as well. Just need to touch it up.)

Any form of union or marriage has to be sanctioned by the council of elders and even child birth has to have a sanction by the council, if a child is born with deformity or somehow weaker then required then they are simply “disposed” of, this is how the Cast keeps there race strong. No union is sanctioned outside the Evalian species, anyone who does not follow the Codex of Elders is exiled from the Cast and often times hunted by there own race via bounty contract.

Even though the cast seems somewhat primitive to other races they are extremely intelligent and well trained, disciplined in the arts of war and contain a very unique culture and art form that signifies honer and duty.

I'm hopeful that CRYPTIC will see this and possibly add my race into the game... Wishful thinking. /Fingers crossed.
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# 2
07-14-2011, 04:08 PM
Everything except for the Undine part sounds great. Definitely a race I'd love to encounter...and blow up in space.

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