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# 1 Release Notes - July 15, 2011
07-14-2011, 05:49 PM
  • Updated text on the Remodulator to reflect that it does not break on move
  • The Chief Medical Officer in ESD Sick Bay now utilizes the correct store icon.
  • Bridge officers should now slot appropriately on all of your ships.
  • The Exchange, Need or Greed, and Master Looter display all rarity types and search functions properly in Exchange now.
  • PvE Queue Updates
    • Players should now be able to enter a game in progress
    • Players should now be able to join a private game
    • Players should now be able to use all settings
    • Joining a public game that is in progress no longer prompts the player with a "Ready!" window that is stuck at 0 seconds
  • Horta Combat Ally AI has been improved.
  • The change costume window will now scroll through all of your costumes.
  • The Delta Flyer daily mission should drop the appropriate shuttle items again.
  • The C-Store Lirpa and Batleth should now have their proper, unique geometry.
  • The Delta Flyer can once again be renamed.
  • The Ship Selector on Drozana and at the Captains table are no longer only showing your currently selected ship
  • Commander Menn Hilo on Earth Space Dock now has a proper uniform
  • The Chel Grett Cruisers now scale with level when doing the Deferi Outpost daily
  • Players can now zoom in the tailor using their mouse wheel.
  • The zoom levels on the First City map have been updated.
  • Resolved some typos in Deferi Snow Tuber crate.
  • The Lunge description has been updated
  • Tuned Tutorial Borg to work better with Ground Combat 2.0
  • Improved overall buff rate that the Leadership trait provides
  • The display name for updated BOff skills have been changed
    • You will now see Sweeping Strikes, Battle Strategies, Exothermic Induction Field, and Electro-Gravitic Field.
  • Updated the display name for Betleths
    • They were missing the "Mark" rank in suffix.
  • Resolved a minor typo in Lirpa description.
  • Resolved a bug that was causing BOff to cast powers like Photon Grenade at their feet.
  • Resolved a bug that limited Boffs power range.
  • Tuned Klingon Bekks to have the same health as Federation Security Escorts.
  • Very Rare Tricobalt Torpedo can now be equipped to a ship while on the ground.
  • The Support Drones should more reliably target and attack enemies.
  • Update to rewards for Fleet Actions.
    • 1st place now earns random Purple item
    • 2nd and 3rd place earn random Blue item
    • All other participants now earn a random Green Item
  • When the borg have adapted to any of your weapons, the icon for your remodulate power will appear over your shoulder.
  • The FX for the mouth of the Bajoran Wormhole should now be in line with the IP.
  • Resolved an issue where certain STF borg boss powers appeared as a grey square on lowend cards.
  • The fx for nanite health monitor will no longer last longer than the duration of the power.
  • Added the glow back to the Borg Shields for player ships.
  • Fixed the flickering issue with the Aegis material.
  • Breaking the Planet Updates:
    • Artillery Spotters required have been reduced from 12 to 8
    • Consoles have been reduced from 20 to 10
  • The Klingon versions of the following Featured Episode Arcs have been changed
      • (This change went live with Season 4, but was mistakenly not noted)
    • The Breen Arc requires level 11 to start
      • They will scale to level after that
    • The Devidian Arc requires level 21 to start
      • They will scale to level after that
    • The Romulan Arc requires level 31 to start
      • They will scale to level after that
  • Engineer Meyer no longer gets stuck while defending him during the Escort objective
  • The repeatability of the following diplomacy missions has been removed until we can resolve a bug that made most players unable to repeat them.
    • Ancestral, Quarantine, Standoff, Trade Deal
  • If the Cardassians win without player intervention at the beginning of the mission “Skirmish”, completion of the 'Defeat the True Way Fleet' objective is no longer gated.
  • The Outer Cargo Bay doors that werent opening and blocking player from completing “Bringing Down the House” have been fixed.
  • M'ven is no longer present on the map during “The House Always Wins” after he was killed in the prior mission.

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