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# 1 Devidian series problems
07-15-2011, 02:00 AM
I decided to run the Devidian missions on a character tonight and ran into somethings that I am not sure if they are a bug or not. So before I start putting in a report about it can someone tell me if these are bugs and if not how to accomplish these tasks.

In no particular order...
Everything old is new- I thought there was a accolade for completing the mission peacefully. But every time I get to the room where we use to have to sneak by them not matter what they aggro me or my boffs and force me into the attack diologue in the next room to activate the turbo lift. I am science so i can not use a stealth kit. If i lock the doors there is no effect as well as if i leave my bridge officers behind. I am force into battle no matter what I do. SO is this accolade disabled or do I need to group with a tact officer. Also the devidian portals are getting in the way or targeting the devidians. I don't need to destroy them to accomplish my mission and I don't remember it being a target when the series first came out. So my question is am i supposed to take these things out or did someone toggle the target switch on.

Night of the comment- Devidian portals are here again except this time if i leave them up the darn things keep spitting out ghost. Beaming back to your ship after completing Scotty's mission and having to take out the comet. Ok i love a challenge as much as the next person but the klingon spawns are ridiculous. In less than 3 minutes I was swarmed by 9 cruisers and they were still coming. This is not a glitch everyone I talk to experiences the same thing. You should not have to die over and over to complete a mission. SO if someone knows how to do this please let me know because no matter how many i take out they keep coming and you cant take that comet down quick enough in a sci ship to not have to worry about swarms. Teaming is even worse...It multiplies the spawn and the spawn ins!

Skirmish- Devidian portal holes interfere with targeting the devidians again. You don't need to destroy them and nothing comes through them so why are they there as attackable?

So if anyone can help me and tell me where I am going wrong or if these really are bugs let me know. Thanks!
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# 2
07-15-2011, 05:17 AM
Hey, Try putting your away team on passive if you havent already done so. And take your time to figure out how they patrol and wich ways are the furthest away from them (if memory serves) the first time you gotta hide in a room and in other situations hugging the walls of the room they patrol works.

I heard they "fixed" the last mission after i did that series. But the one time i did it was by trying to avoid them with power to engines and evasive maneuvers. The rocks dont have much hp, so the priority should be to stay the heck away from the cruisers.

Maybe those tips help? I only did that series once though because im not a big ToS fan.
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# 3
07-15-2011, 06:06 AM
I replayed this entire series in the past couple of days.

On "Night of the Comet," you can disable the Klingon cruisers. When the first two appear, disable them, and then move on to the comet. Attack it until the next two cruisers appear, disable them. Keep repeating them. Then return to the comet. I would advise that you attack one fragment, and then its shards, at a time, and keep an eye on your radar. If you do this in steps, the Klingon cruisers are very manageable. You can fight the cruisers. They'll be disabled once you do enough damage.

If you just keep attacking the comet, you'll get overwhelmed. Do it in stages.

I'd get the last few shards down to minimum health before destroying them to avoid not having enough time to destroy them before B'vat's cruiser powers up and rams you.
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# 4 You do not have to shoot back
07-15-2011, 10:06 AM
Even if you get aggro (avoidable) if you do not shoot back you can still get the accolade "cunning and guile" for not shooting anyone.

A few tips: First, put all boffs on passive and disable any autofire on your ground weapons. If you brought any engineers with turrets or drones, you must disable those by right clicking on each icon too. Once you use the Jeffries tube, wait until you see an npc cross the room ahead of you. When he gets across it is safe for you to hug the wall going right and going to the next room that way. Once you get into the hallway before the console you must activate to let you ride the maintenance lift, flag your boffs. The npcs are much less likely to aggro on you if you flag your boffs when you approach them. Use the diplomatic option to answer them that doesn't involve you having your clothes stolen. Usually this works and you can just go complete the objective. If this does not work, then you run behind the consoles on the left, let your boffs draw fire (but do not let them attack, keep them on passive) and you can usually manage to hit the console anyway after looping around from behind the consoles. Once the lift is activated, run away. The npcs will not chase you all the way to the lift. Unflag your boffs as you run away. Once you use the lift, you have no more worries. You will still get the "cunning and guile" accolade.
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# 5
07-15-2011, 10:12 AM
With the comet I stay out of range of the Klingons as long as possible while working on the comet. Just let yourself blow up and work on the comet some more. No big deal.

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