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07-15-2011, 11:54 AM
Short-term: ability to go to your observation lounge anytime you want; decorate your quarters; EC to latnium exchanger so we don't have to play dabo forever; fix the scaling so the decks aren't abnormally so high; uniform customizer for the crew on your ship
Mid-term: ability to craft stuff in the engineering lab so you don't have to go to Qonos or Memory Alpha every time you want to craft anything; a bartender in your's ships lounge; projectile weapons; removal of tractor beam power of science officers and making it a ship power; removal of the shared torpedo cool down; holodeck on your ship; customizable warp-cores that have different benefits; denobulan boff, crewmembers, and playable captain
Long-term: EV suits to actually use; ability to land on a planet; customizable ship interior layouts that will have different affects based on how it is laid out (Ex: a labyrinthian layout= slower crew response time and repair time, less restrooms= less happy crew = less response time= lower performance, bigger shuttle bay=more shuttles/fighters and vice versa, more science labs= science Boff powers have stronger affect and so on with engineering labs and tactical rooms such as torpedo bays and firing ranges); customizable torpedo payloads, ability for players to kit-bash ships; a brig; ability to sit in a chair just by jumping on it.

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