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# 1 Few questions since the update
07-16-2011, 11:11 AM
Was wondering on the following:

1. In exchange I don't have the option to search for very rare (purple items) anymore. However if I select rare purple items come up, if I select uncommon rare items come up, and if i search common common items come up. Its like th green item search was taken out and everything moved one spot.

2. Ground I die much more easily, granted my guns and items I spawn are more deadly. Is there anything skillswise I can adjust to make my personal shields and armor more powerful?

3. I picked up the Klingon scout force daily mission, however when I go to that system I can't just play anymore. I have to go to the queue. But when I click the join tab scout force does not come up. I can start a private one, but how do you just play the normal one?

4. related to question 2 above, I have not yet tried the new borg. But they were tough before with all the changes and plus now they adapt to your weapons how is the game play? How are the missions like infected and the cure? they must be almost impossible.

5. since now you get a purple item for first place in STFs, and blue for second. Will/have the prices for items on exchange gone down? Since there should be more supply.

Yeah I know these must be simple and dumb questions, but really have not found an answer to them in the different posts - sorry if redundant.

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