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07-08-2011, 06:42 PM
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# 742 dev diary;DTNE, part 2
07-11-2011, 08:40 PM
hi again,

this new enterprise. will it have a large crew?? will it be an attack craft [like the soveriegn class]??
will we be able to craft first? then, purchase thru c-store??

looks great...

thanks again

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07-15-2011, 10:24 AM
All respect to the Original Artist (great work!) and the Cryptic Team, I love the game and some of the new ship designs are really great....

But this new Enterprise is just way too oval....when the Enterprise-E was first shown, it took everything people didn't like about the big, awkward, roundness of the Enterprise-D and turned it on its head. Now, I like the Enterprise-D, but from some angles it is truly an ugly starship. I think that taking ANY aspects of its design and placing it into another ship (especially combining the sleekness of the Sovereign class), is just wrong. You're taking two ship designs witch are really just opposite.

1701-D really evoked a "Flagship". A vessel which wasn't quite beautiful, but definitely gave you the impression it was large, and powerful. A true, bona fide, Captial Ship. 1701-E was, on the other hand, still grandiose, but gave up that look of power for true hidden power, and sleekness. Enemies seeing the Enterprise-E would probably think it was quite formidable, but would think it was too pretty a ship to give much of a fight. They would be wrong.

Other than the overall....roundness of the design, I would say that the Nacelle struts thin out unneccesarily in the middle (and it just looks flimsy), and the 'necks' are also a bit delicate looking. Also, that lip over the main deflector is weird. I like Adam's original design much better, where it's simply an overhang that doesn't dip downward.

I like the idea of sweeping the dual 'necks' backward, but the shape they are is weird. I think they should be relatively thick and maintain their width throughout. Starfleet isn't the type of organisation to think that all of their vessel's shields will hold up against any and all onslaught. They design the hulls of their vessels to stand up to maximum punishment to protect the crew. Having the dorsal connector be ripped off by disruptor fire, separating the primary and secondary hulls would not be unlikely if the shields of this vessel failed.

I'd say that for a vessel with the alphabetic designation of 'F', there should be a less controversial design, but definitely one that is futuristic, fast, and makes the Enterprise-E look aged by comparison. The last thing you want is for fans to call this the "Enterprise-Fail" (which is what I'm going to call it if this is what we're getting...).

The way I see it, the Enterprise has always been a vessel at the cutting edge of technology and power when it is launched. The original was the first warp 5 ship, 1701 was the most powerful when launched, A was a refit ship with new technology, B was a new, faster refit of the Excelsior, C was the first class with phaser strips, D was one of the first Galaxy class ships, E was cutting edge as well, it's only logical that F follow in these footsteps.

Honestly, the Star Cruiser (Emissary/Vangaurd/Avenger/Nomad) design would be GREAT for a new Enterprise! If we had a similar design for the Enterprise, based on the Star Cruiser design (but bigger, this thing has to be distinctly, Enterprise. Not a variation on the design), that would be awesome!

Lastly, I think a design like this should be something worthy of the screen. If a new Star Trek movie or show were launched tomorrow, with this ship in it, the first scene would be of how it was destroyed, so they could introduce the Enterprise-G.

Perhaps you guys should let the fans vote on which design is the best.....I'm not saying Adam's design is bad, I'm just's not the Enterprise. I would love to see that ship in Star Trek Online....just with a different name.
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I've been thinking long and hard about a class idea for the new Enterprise. So far, I got 2 ideas:

1> Gemini-class. I got to thinking about this with the fact that the ship has a dual neck design, and in all liklihood can separate, creating "double trouble" for whoever decides to fight against the Enterprise and her crew.

2> Sentinel-class. Quite often, the USS Enterprise, as the flagship of the Federation fleet, takes the lead in defending Federation citizens and allies from attack. The Enterprise has also been known to stand up for "the little guy" if you get what I mean, when it does not interfere with the Prime Directive or other Starfleet directives.

I really hope one of these ideas gets picked, as I'm a serious Star Trek fan, and have wanted to be able to give something back to a series I really enjoy.

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