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07-17-2011, 02:06 AM
Originally Posted by Designated_david View Post
I do hope the Devs are reading this. I have noticed a control issue that seems to have cropped up after the patch on the 7/15/11. It has to do with using the keyboard to activate officer abilities, and it happens on the ground, and in space. Items slitted anywhere in tray 1, regardless of function, or being blank, will activate normally when a number key is pressed. An example is an energy weapon slotted in the #1 slot on tray #1. (0,1) When a repeat press of the same number key without any modifying keys (CTRL, ALT, SHIFT) occurs, the power in the 2nd tray will activate (1,1), as though the CTRL key has been pressed. A third tap of the same number key without any modifiers (CTRL, ALT, SHIFT) will result in the standard number activating (0,1). The alternating pattern continues as long as this goes on, and occurrs for any number being pressed on the first tray, that number key will alternate to the second tray. I found this when I tried to run Khitomer Accord with my fleeties, I tried to fire my torpedoes sloted to (0,4) and found myself running EPS Power Transfer (1,4).

Re-slotting those abilities does nothing, and is not localized to space, ground, or this particular character. I have examined my key binds, and with the exception of the PTT function, everything else is normal. I run an Alienware TactX keyboard and mouse combo, and although I find the macro keys and special keys for these devices are not entirely compatible, the standard functions of the keyboard and mouse work as they are least they did before Friday.

I am going to re-install the game, and see if this corrects the issue, but it doesn't look promising. I will follow up with the result. There are other issues similar to this in their "alternating" fashiion, but nothing I can find is identical. Then again, searching these forums isn't what I would describe as "intuitive" either. The website is not without its flaws.
Why does this remind me of the problem in the Exchange when you shop by quality? A search for Any produces a normal mix, Common is missing, Uncommon, (green), gives you Rare, (blue), and Rare searches yield results for Very Rare, (purple). Everything is shifted up by one. I can't help but wonder if the tool tray issue and the exchange search issue are somehow connected, but that seems like an irrational line of speculation on my part.

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