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# 1 Shuttle Wars 2.0
07-17-2011, 08:02 AM
Due to the overwhelming success of the Pug OPVP matches, I've decided to start hosting the Shuttle Wars again.

What you need,
A shuttlecraft or Fighter, and a subscription to the Shuttle_Wars channel.

Ventrilo, or Raidcall would also help seeing as how the Death To... I mean Target Keybind is broken. (thanks cryptic!)

Shuttle Wars are fast, hot down and dirty. People die -fast-, and the dogfights are even faster.


1:30 pm EST
Sunday July 23rd.

Rules are simple, No Mines, No FAW, No Tricobalt torpedoes, or Heng Pengs. And Bring a Shuttle or Fightercraft.

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