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# 1 Defiant-R: Cloak Console
07-18-2011, 10:00 AM
Is there anyway we could bring back the Defiant-R's Engineering Console Slot and create a Cloak Console (to be equipped only by the Defiant-R) so that people can use Cloak or not, depending on their play style, preferences, or the nerf mongering of other "players"? I contend that it's a really fun ship which is fine as is, but would still be just fine as a cloakless ship (if it had the third Engineering Console Slot). It could also create some additional variety in game play.

I really like the idea for some of these other Refits out there who use Consoles for their special abilities. I think it would be nice to see that same concept applied to existing retrofits but especially in the case of the Defiant.

Thank you.

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