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# 1 Vote for new UFP President!
07-18-2011, 05:14 PM
Here is an idea Cryptic can use for an STO community minigame: Vote for a new Fed president.

As the current UFP president Annek Okeg of Sauria is nearing the end of her term, its time for member worlds to vote for a new political leader.

It can work similar to the Design the New Enterprise contest, but it will involve players submitting a Foundry created character, perhaps with a short biography. Open slots for new characters will only be accepted for a specified time, and then stopped so the voting will begin with the submitted "candidates". The STO community can vote who they like the most, and for the duration of the elections (perhaps a few weeks), the candidates with the least votes will be eliminated from the presidential race per week.

The player who submitted the winning president can get some sort of prize from the Cryptic team, e.g. Atari tokens, very rare item, new costume, new accolade, etc.

Something similar can happen for the Klingon Empire such as perhaps backing a new chancellor for the Empire as confidence in J'mpok's leadership may be waning, or maybe a new councilor in the Great Hall. Players can submit a Foundry created Klingon faction character, and the process can be like the Fed scenario.

I would like to know what everyone thinks about this, as this proposal can have major implications on the storyline of STO, hopefully making the game that much more interesting!

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