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Hello Foundry Devs@Cryptic.

'playing' around with the Foundry and here are some things, I would like to have avail in the foundry (or maybe I have mist this items?)

Short term:

1) The possibility to 'share' a project with other developers, to make a developer team.
2) If this option to share is avail:
- a project lead tab, to assign task to developers, keep track of progress and so on.
- a project scratch pad, for the general outlining of the project.
3) Export of dialogues into a text document, import of the text after editing.
- for spell checking.
- for localization (something I also miss, add further languages).
4) Export (/import) of 'costumes' to make them re-usable for further story arcs.
5) Export (/import) of 'maps' to make them re-usable for further story arcs.
6) Having 'variables' to be transferable between maps.

Long term:

7) Mini/End-Boss customization for
- level / challenge
- weapons / equipment
- behaviour > create special combat scripts to act on health / shield level
8) Custom loot tables.
9) Customizable OnLoad-Event of the map, based on transferable variables (see 6 above).

Thank you kindly for your consideration of the above.


Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
07-19-2011, 03:39 AM
One of the things I wouldn't mind seeing is an option to break from a linear story line, much the same way a conversation works would be sweet, even if you would have to use conversations to make the break, so that it would be possible to make a kind of pick-a-path adventure....
It's not a big issue for me, but I think it would be nice, it would also allow for things like....
Conversation:'You've got to alert your commanding officer, but if you don't go down that hole in the ground, the whole planet might explode!'
OOC: What now?
1) Alert Command.
2) Go down the hole.

This would greatly open the doors imo on just how much one could do with the foundry....

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