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Away Teams and You! MACO Edition.

Welcome to the Away Teams Guide. The purpose of this thread is to server as platform for discussions of away teams and their related tactics, traits, types, and builds. This thread will not touch on STF's, or PVP but instead focusing on PVE, with particular reference to leveling, and mission based content.

Ground Combat:
Of course all away teams actions must be looked at in the context of ground combat. Here is a list of Excellent Guides to Ground Combat:
Arm Thyself - A Guide to Ground Combat
The Tactical Officer's Uplifting Primer for Ground Combat 2.0
Special Thanks To Captain_Collier (Et al), and Mistformsquirral, Hugs and Happiness to you all!

2.The Basics Why They Do What They Do
3.Abilities Do That Thing You Do
4.Traits Some Are Just Born With It
5.Equipment Guns and Gear
6.Builds Putting the Puzzle Together
7.Fashion Gotta Look Good Doing it
8.Misc. Special Cases


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