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07-19-2011, 03:09 PM
6. Builds-Putting the Puzzle Together:
This is where things get complicated.
Putting it all together!
Basic points on Builds, Know your roles! Do my BOs traits complement this role? Finally there is almost every away team that can be improved by adding a healer to it.

Pure Builds- Are pretty self Explanatory, collect 3 or 4 BOs with favorable traits, train them in the relevant powers, and then Success!

All healing
The point of this method is simply to heal through all the damage you take, while your PC does the lion share of the killing. Easier said then done in S4, It still may be possible but not recommended.

All Turrets
Another Older build that not as effective in S4, engineers with Turrets or Drones, the goal is to divide aggro, while you and your turret army destroy the other guy.

Stealth Team
Not something I overly recommend but I have seen it. All BOs with stealth, hand out Pulsewaves, lunge, and get in close.

Grenade Team
In days past I wasn't impressed with this method, however given the new power of grenades in S4, 3 BOs with mix of plasma grenades, photon grenades, and Overwatch looks pretty functional.

Expose Teams
Similar to Pure Build expose teams, are built to simple expose the enemy as much as possible.
Given the new level of effectiveness in Sci powers this build viability has increased in S4. Be sure to mix in healing to help the rough spots.

Mixed Teams
An Engineer, a Tac, a Sci and a Healer. Its an oldie but a goodie. Make sure you focus down one set of goals, Hold the enemy, expose the enemy, blow up the enemy.

Have a Build you want to add? Post it!

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