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Originally Posted by PrincessKatrina View Post
It is unclear if you are trying to insinuate that they haven't gated the FE's by level on the Fed side or not. But just for clarification's sake, I am fairly certain that FE's are gated to both factions at the same level points. I could be wrong.
Not yet. I can't get The Vault on anyone until 31 (Captain 1), while on Fed side, I just ran them on a pair of LT6s. They claim to be planning on doing the same to Fed side, but they never even announced the change to KDF side before doing it, and only mentioned it after the uproar it caused.
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Originally Posted by Rahzaar View Post
Howdy, fellow Klinks!

I'm new to the faction, and coming back to the game after a long break, and I was wondering what should the leveling path for a Klingon look like? I know they've tweaked the FEs with season 4, and I understand the content is somewhat think KDF side, so if anyone could shoot some advice in my direction, it would be very appreciated.

Thanks for your help!
Are you looking to get to Lt. Gen. as quick as possible,

If so then grinding Nebula missions is how I do it, I grind em for the marks of Exploration till I can outfit my
ship with the uncommon greens then depending on what lvl im at in that rank I might try some PvP or something else cause its hard to get matches at the lower lvl tiers, But the bulk of the ranks lvls are from
grinding to get to that next ship.

I can lvl a klink like this in about a week and a half give or take a day just playing around 2-3 hrs. a day
and once you get to Lt. Gen. its not that bad and its a plus if you like PvP but there are a lot more klinks
doing STFs now and there are some good channel out there for both "OrginizedPVP" "KDF STF" check
em both out.

So Welcome to the KDF just learn to love the grind its not that bad and its worth it,

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