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Lt. Commander
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07-21-2011, 07:28 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Okay, if I was a Dev, and wantend to make this ship mechanically interseting without having to introduce a new Tier 6 for it (e.g. making it OP):

Bridge Officers
  • Commander Engineering (it's a damn Cruiser)
  • Lt.Cmdr Universal (But everyone should be interested in it)
  • Lt.Tactical
  • Lt.Science
  • Ensign Engineering
Other Stats
  • Special Ability: Saucer Seperation (similar to Galaxy, but maybe with a lower total turn rate buff, to compensate for better base stats.)
  • Weapons: 4 front, 4 Aft
  • Devices: 4
  • Consoles: 4 Engineering, 2 Science, 2 Tactical
  • Turn Rate: 7
  • Hull: 39.000

I would prefer

LT Uni

4 Eng Console
2 SCi Consoles
2 Tac Consoles

1 universal that can tac or sci to up the total to 9 consoles

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