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My klink isn't a Brigadier General yet, just a captain. I have lots of left over PvP medals from being a commander. I'd like to use them to buy stuff that I can either sell or recycle to get some cash. I used to be able to go the PvP vendor on Ganalda but she's gone. The vendor for BG's is still there, but I can't use that yet. I found vendors for various Marks of Exploration on Quo'Nos, and vendors for Emblems. However I can't for the life of me find any vendors for Non-BG PvP medals either in First City or on the Space Station.

I asked in chat, someone told me the BG PvP vendor was in the market. But that didn't help me of course, I'm looking for the Non-BG PvP Vendor. Either in First City, on the Space Station above Quo'Nos or at Ganalda (If it still exists somewhere).

Please tell me I'm blind and just don't see it, don't tell me Cryptic forgot the non BG PvP Vendors when they redesigned the Klingon homeworld and for some strange reason took the vendor out of Ganalda (Who knows why they did that, but StoWiki.Org says it's gone and I sure as heck couldn't find it).

So anyone know where I can find it? And if you know, could you please tell me the name of the NPC vendor in case it's just bugging for me. Would also help if you could post a screen shot of where it is, but I know that's a lot to ask so just saying where it is and who it is would help immensely.

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