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# 1 KDF Alliance charter
07-25-2011, 10:18 AM
Hear these words cowards, and beware.

The sons and daughters of Kahless, and the peoples wise enough to join us, or fortunate enough to be conquered by us, will no longer be dissolute and fractured by House loyalties, past dishonors or mutual suspicions.. We are allied.

We are here to bring the Empire back from the brink. For too long now, we have slept, or merely grumbled awake and stumbled through the conflicts we have fought. But now the existence of the Empire itself lies hanging in the balance. We see, too often, Warriors with no honor, cowards, and animals selling their blades for Latinum, or leaving our ways behind and joining the weaklings in the federation.

We see the Federation grown large, and the shadow of their ways looms large over Klingon space, their politics and technology coming and stealing glory and honor from the ways of the Empire. Their hunger for resources and territory constantly encroaching our borders..

We see the Romulan Empire, fractured, broken, and weak, and instead of taking back those territories given over by treaties, or wrongfully ceded by shortsighted past Chancellors, or outright stolen after Romulan treachery, we have left them to put their own house in order, let their filthy refugees invade our space, let the Tal Shiar make inroads with some of the more ignoble Houses.. No more. We will not sit idly by and allow the Romulans to strengthen their forces, and reform their empire to the detriment of our own..

By our blood, we will not allow this!

Article 1
In the name of the Empire.

Should it take our lives, we will expand the Empire on all fronts.
We will defend the culture and technology of the Empire.
We will not allow the continued incursion of alien races, societies, or technology into Imperial Territory, nor any outside influence to eat away at the Empire.

Article 2
Alliance Organization.

1. The Individual or Group hosting the present Session will act as Session Moderator.
  • Session Moderator will have authority over the floor at all times.
  • Session Moderator will decide who holds the floor to speak, and when the floor must be yielded back.
  • Session Moderator will be responsible for calling the vote, as well as announcing the results.
2. The host for the next Session will be chosen at the end of the current Session.
  • Volunteers may step forward to claim the honor of hosting the next Session.
  • If more than one volunteer steps forward, the next host will be decided by vote from amongst the volunteers.

Article 3
Alliance events.

1. The Alliance will call Session to order every fourteen days, all member fleets and houses to attend. If you fail, you have no right to speak against policies enacted at that Session.
  • Fleets, guilds and Houses that do not attend will not have a vote, nor will there be any absentee votes, late votes, or early votes.
  • Policies and motions will be passed by majority vote. Each member group gets one vote.
2. Sessions will be held at different locations, and are to be followed by Alliance activities.
  • Alliance events are to be voted on during Alliance Session.
3. All events, meetings, or other Alliance activities will be posted in a manner such that the group members as well as their subordinates will be notified.
4. All Alliance members will tune their communication arrays to pick up the “KDF Alliance” subspace frequency.

Article 4
Member conduct.

1. If an Alliance vote deadlocks, each side will nominate a representative, and they will meet upon an honorable field of battle, where the assembled representatives will bear witness.
  • Opposing Warriors should of comparable level, observers are forbidden from interfering unless rules agreed upon before combat are broken, if so, observers are honor bound to eliminate the dishonorable P’taQ and the honorable Warrior is declared the victor.
2. Insults, accusations, dishonorable conduct, or directly helping or abetting the enemies of the Empire will not be permitted.
  • Do not fail to carry out actions assigned to you by the Alliance by legitimate vote.
  • Treat other members of the Alliance, their subordinates, and your own subordinates with the respect and honor they deserve.
3. If Alliance Warriors cannot come to a suitable agreement amongst themselves, they will go through arbitration like petulant children, if they still cannot agree, they will engage in honorable combat, and the winner shall have the day.
  • Opposing Warriors should of comparable level, observers are forbidden from interfering unless rules agreed upon before combat are broken, if so, observers are honor bound to eliminate the dishonorable P’taQ and the honorable Warrior is declared the victor.

By the Honor of our Ancestors, in Kahless’ name, by our blood and our lives, it will be done!

K’Gonok, son of Citak, of the House of Citak _____ Korrg Son of Kragtowl, of the House of H'trouf _____ Lord Krueg, CO, Klingon Black Fleet

_Vata, Mistress of the Orion Slavegirl Syndicate ___ Ragh, of the Klingon Special Forces _______ Ambassador Korah, of the Omega Armada

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