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07-21-2011, 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
The problem with Fuse Armor is that it never seems to work against the most dangerous players - they're either traited to resist holds or have powers to resist it.

I'm not sure how I feel about the Combat Supply, since it now drops a crate, which means you have to stop and pick up the items - and you can only get one each of the items it gives.

I've tried the Equipment Technician kit, but Equipment Diagnostics and Shield Recharge don't seem to help much. My shields/armor are still paper thin.
True powers like Science Ground Team Buff and hardcore GPvP players would be resistant to Fuse. And weapon malfunction is easily removed by a simple power cell. But that's a gamble in PvP, theres a chance for something to happen and a chance it might not.

Combat Supply, I agree that crate is annoying. You have to use this ability outside of combat, else your just an easy target. I personally would like to see a take from the old CS where players can access the new items directly from the UI without needing to setup (most people in the old CS never knew they had it).

Also the ammount of items you get from the kit, it's pretty much a 1-use ability during any given PvE or PvP mission.

With the ET Kit, remember to kneel and duck behind cover. Remember even with Resistance Stacking, it only does so much. But it has a good chance of surviving a 1-shot kill by a Tactical using a shotgun.
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07-26-2011, 09:27 AM
So... it looks like there are hardly any engineers left in GPvP. Why is this? I had a conversation during an Arena match last night:

Me: Any tips for engineer survivability?
PvPer 1: Bring a Sci.
PvPer2: Or roll a tac.
PvPer1: It's what everyone else has done.

And it's true. Engineers are now the least used class in PvP, and probably the least useful. Something ought to be done about this. Unfortunately, according to those players, they caught the ear of a dev - but that dev was perfectly happy with Engineers, because Orbital Strike is good in PvE now. Seriously? I mean, even if they were exaggerating what the dev said, how things perform in PvE has no bearing on PvP.* Engineers aren't being used in PvP, and something's got to be done.

I'm not saying Reroute Power to Shields should go back to its former un-nerfed glory, but there should be some sort of something done, because right now, even with the increased GPvP population, I've seen less and less Engineers playing. Before Season 4, all classes were played about equally. But now, I can literally count on one hand the number of Engineers I've seen since S4 hit - including myself. That shouldn't be the case.

*Which is why STO should go the way City of... did, and have separate rules for PvE and PvP. It would make things easier, and lessen the "PvPers got ___ nerfed!"

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