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07-27-2011, 08:38 AM
Originally Posted by FurQue
Well, i'd like it to have:

uni cmdr
uni cmdr
uni ltc
uni ltc
uni ensign

Also it needs to turn like mvam in beta mode and have 5 front weapons and 4 rear.


5 engineer
4 sci
6 tac
+ 2 universal

+30 to all power levels.

But can we wait till december the 30th till its released?
would this not be better

uni cmdr
uni cmdr
uni cmdr
uni cmdr
uni cmdr

with 10 universal consoles
6 device slots because i need my batteries and RMC, and devidian thingy. I really hate choices.
I know a tad OP but that hasn't stopped cryptic in the past. We can always balance it after the fact.

OH and one more thing

IBTL and *****ation

To the OP at least I will be able to chat with you on the OPvP channel, maybe.

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