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# 1 Accolade count bug?
07-28-2011, 12:33 AM
I just noticed that my Log shows how many times I've done a mission.

For instance it says I've completed the "Defend Gamma Orionis Sector Block" Mission 24 times.

My Accolade counter for this says only 13...if the log were counting each of the 3 Defeat Contacts parts of the overall mission I'd only have completed 8 D.G.O.S.B. missions.

It's not just that one.
Delta Volanis Explore - Log: 9, Accolade: 7
Arcanis Explore - Log: 5, Accolade: 4
Eridian Explore - Log: 3, Accolade: 1
Khazan Explore - Log: 6, Accolade: 4

Zeta Andromadae Defend - Log: 5, Accolade: 1
Gamma O Defend - Log: 24, Accolade: 13

And this is just the ones that are still in my log for me to compare with...

Anyone else having this problem?

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