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# 1 new toon ensign? really?
07-31-2011, 09:40 AM
I havent started another fed toon because I cant bare to start out at ensign or lt 1. This is an advantage for the kdf side that my kdf toon begins at lt 6 and can basically go straight into pvp. But dispite this the kdf q is always behind and slow and I wind up back in one of my fed VA toons which where built before I really started to understand that all toons should be built with a specific type of pvp in mind. You can always spec for whatever kind of pve but you cant rebuild your traits. Anyway, I got the 3% skill point bonus for the 200 day reward and that helps but dang, if we are experienced why make us trudge through the kitomer and the whole lt level for that matter. I think if you have over 100 days and you want another toon, put it in at Lt. Cm. Thats when it starts to get alittle fun. lol

Well, thanks for reading,

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