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# 1 Shuttle Wars - The PvE Edition
07-31-2011, 12:35 PM
So, some of you might have heard of the "Shuttle Wars" PvP events. We started them back as an approach to a "PvP" boycott, to lament broken abilties and lack of PvP support. But: This thread is not about PvP, so even if you hate PvP with every fibre of your being and wouldn't do if if you got paid for it, t his thread can still be for you!

We decided last week to try something new - between PvP matches, we wanted to meet in Deep Space Encounters and see what we can achieve with our shuttles in those. Of course, we didn#t target the UA or VA instances. Our goal was to try the Shuttles out in Commander to Captain level DSEs, like in Romulan and Cardassian Space.

And today, we did. And it was fun! Imagine a 4-5 man VA Shuttle team hunting down Cardassian ship groups, destroying battleships and even dreadnoughts (I hope some of the /demorecords will get posted online somwhere).

So, if you're interested in doing a little fun stuff with your shuttle in PvE, feel free to join the shuttle_wars chat channel and ask around for like-minded fellows. Our primary play time is oriented for Sunday 1:30 EST or something like that, but that is mostly to organize the PvP matches, and other dates could be possible - evne spontanous events - for some DSE events.

One of the nice changes with Season 4 for Shuttle Wars is - the enemy no longer levels up when higher level players enter. This means we don't disrupt other players PvE experience anymore by jumping their foes to unbeatable levels, and get to keep fighting enemies that are "doable" but hard to fight with Shuttles.

Originally Posted by Shuttle Wars - PVE Edition Advertisment
You love Space Combat. You love Shuttles. You're looking for a new Challenge? You're looking for a use for your Shuttle Craft?

Come to Shuttle Wars - The PVE Edition! (TM). Enter Deep Space Encounters with your favorite shuttle or fighter craft, and go hunting your favorite NPCs. Romulans, Cardassians, Jem'Hardar, even the dreaded Invades of another Universe, the Terran Empire. They all can be your foe, and destroy even their mightiest Dreadnought and Flagships. Learn how to really manage your ship power levels, distribute shield power, and tank enemy ships, and see spectacular* explosions all around you.

*) Your mileage may very. New graphics card not included.

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