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I have tested STO on many tablets ... from the atom powered joojoo to dual screen tablets like the Toshiba Libretto and the Iconia , and now finally I have had the chance to try to play on an i7 powered Lenovo X220t ... check it out

Visiting Starfleet Academy


Visiting DS9


and a little combat


during these vids I am actually testing different control options so forgive tha lack of skills . One day I will stop testing STO on tablets and take the Tribble to actually play the game ... When you play STO on a tablet the first hour or so will be struggle you can see towards the end of the third video I am learning to exploit some benefits of a control scheme that involves using pen , touch , keyboard , trackpad and even the red nubbin and special buttons on the Lenovo X220t , and not panic so much .. eg it is far groovier to use the pen to turn the screen towards your enemy as I picked up late into the test

I love the scalability and portability of the STO engine , I can run it on dual screen i3 powered tablets,Atom/Ion powered tablets , dual screen i5 powered tablets and of course my generic gaming rig ... at 5120 by 1600

The ability to mess with the interface and use non standard resolutions is also impressive ... all in all this freedom is why PC gaming is always going to thrive and one of the reasons I got my lifetime sub for STO .. that and the opportunity to fly my own wessel, wrestle exotic green alien chicks ..and smooch enchanting green alien lizard like lifeforms......or was that the other way around??? Playing in a TJ Hooker toupe is also very cool...

find out more here

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