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Originally Posted by dvsaris View Post
No no, that's perfectly OK. It was more of a statement that different tactics work better for different ships and playstyles.

I've got a full Tetryon build on my Excelsior and have been known to park, split power between shields and weapons and slug it out with enemy cruisers if we're 1 on 1. As I rely largely on torps for damaging hull and the only ways to fire them are head on or running away.
Protip: Grab a Tac Escort Refit, load that sucker up with your best DPS build, and try pulling off Strategy 2. You might just beat my personal best time (Although, strangely enough, my best time was using Strat. 3 - 5 seconds with a few lucky energy Crits and a quantum quartet). You'd be surprised how much easier they get when you exploit the fact that their Subnucleonic Beam is 90 degrees forward-firing (My VA is a Science Captain, so I know all about Subnucleonic Beam). It gets SOOOO much easier. Just remember this:

Originally Posted by Nog, DS9 What You Leave Behind
He's slippery... The Breen really know how to pilot their ships...

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