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I used my code from the Logitech promotion and while I did receive the Seven of Nine and Bridge of Temba promotional items, I did not receive my liberated Borg bridge officer or my Tribble of Borg. In addition, I went ahead and bought the digital version of the game through steam and while I did recieve my Steam-exclusive Phaser Turret unlock and Joined Trill items, I did not receive my TOS uniforms (I ended up buying it anyways), my two emotes, Automated Defense Battery, or my NX registration codes... is there something going on with the C-Store or what? Neither of these promotions stated anything about limited supplies while they last... please give me my items as these are the only reasons I did these two promotions, thanks.

Proof of redeemed codes:

Edit: I figured it out... had to do a manual search for these items... I wish someone informed me of this. Sorry to post!

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