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# 1 New in game Trek Series
08-03-2011, 11:49 PM
Star Trek: Generation Beta
Star Trek: Generation Beta pick’s up where The Next Generation left off, beginning with Captain Picard’s conflict with the Borg , and ending when he came into contact with his young clone and eventually annihilating him in StarTrek: Nemesis. Soon after though, most of the beloved crew went there separate ways, leaving Commander Data in command of the Enterprise – D, Commander Riker and Counselor Troi received command of the U.S.S. Titan, a Luna class ship, and Captain Picard became Captain of the U.S.S. Stargazer. but, the series doesn’t end there, in fact some of the crew return for a temporary term of duty, involving the conflict between the Federation and Romulans. Although a name cannot describe this war, the shear horror speaks for itself. Beginning in the year 2409, over a dispute involving Ambassador Spock and the infamous Romulan Socialist, Nero, unknowingly a supernova swept across Iota Pavonis Sector Space and destroyed several planets, leaving Romulus in bits. Nero blamed Spock for the incident, and later involved a warp in time, with 23rd century James Kirk , and a young crew of the Enterprise A. after this conflict was over, however, the Romulans declared war on the Federation, plummeting Starfleet in it’s greatest and most violent conflict to date. So, Captain William T. Riker and Admiral Picard join forces to intercept this conflict, and end it once and for all. Bringing back elements and shear glory of the Star Trek phenomenon, Generation Beta, well the title speaks for itself, certainly the crew of the Enterprise – F will end the great conflict, and bring peace to the universe. Will we see our beloved Enterprise D crew one last time, or will they give up on the Federation? Stay tuned for the Next Generation of The Next Generation! Star Trek: Generation Beta.

Star Trek: Generation Beta, will have many key elements that will make up the “Beta” Era, including immense action scenes, riveting drama, and untold mysteries. The series will have you coming back each week for more, and wanting to answer that last question, “what happened to the Enterprise”? we may finally be able to lay that to rest.

guys give me feedback on what you think, ideas for first episodes, and how to incorporate your crew with the enterprise - f!

=^= Captain Luke Stanford Hulse =^=
U.S.S. Endeavor

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