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# 1 Engine trail bug
08-04-2011, 09:07 PM
just logged in today for the first time since a few days before the latest patch and found a problem with my engine trails. there's a second set of engine trails (that don't seem to expand while moving) to the left of my ship and slightly behind. i've tried relogging and changing zones and instances and the effect still stays.

if it helps, i'm not using any of the rare impulse engines items with the special graphical effects, and i was using the saucer and neck from the celestial class (since those seem to determine the placement of the impulse engines)
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
08-05-2011, 01:54 PM
This is a problem with the particular "neck" you are using on your ship. Switch to a different one and it will go away. I had this same issue when I was a Captain.

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