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Originally Posted by Jarnin View Post
This map has pretty much every location from all series, and I'm pretty sure that the folks that originally designed the sector map for STO used it as a reference.

Based on it, a lot of the systems folks are asking for in this thread are in adjoining sectors to what's in game. For example, Betazed is located in the sector between the Risa Sector and the Dorvan Sector. Tellar is supposed to be in the sector directly "west" of the Taneebia sector.

As for adding this stuff to STO, it seems like it would be a ways off. They've been talking about making sector space into a single massive zone, which means that you'd be able to go where ever you wanted without ever hitting a sector block wall. If this is how it turns out, how would they populate those new sectors with systems? Would they simply add a bunch of doors for foundry and future missions, or would they add it in sector by sector with completed content? After all, sector space with no walls would let a player travel to the Delta quadrant if they felt like it. I'm curious if there'd be anything there if a player made the trip.
The way I see it, those locals should be added with a small social hub. That way those who want to visit them can. Perhapse there could be an accolade named "Tourist" or "Galactic Wanderer" or something like that for visiting all of the major planets. And, yes, I would permit people to create Foundry mission that would launch form those locations.

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