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# 1 Skills UI
08-07-2011, 02:50 AM
The Highlight-To-ComboBox is cumbersome. Add a second ComboBox, where we select the Char/BOFF/Ship, and then in the other we select the skill. Sould be pretty easy to implement and would improve the usability a lot.

Second are skill descriptions. Basicall the Tooltip says:

<Skill Name>

<Skill Description>

Examples include:
Click to see more information.
Now when I finally click to see more information, I get exactly the same text in the tooltip. That is not really helpful. At least show us ALL affected abilities. I do not want to go to a website, just to find out, which abilites are affected. And I do not want to try out every single Ability from the ComboBox, just to find out, if it's affected or not...

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