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08-07-2011, 08:35 AM
Everything in this game is getting rediculously easy. Borg gear will soon even be easier to get.
Crafting is a joke. The particles you need now its just rediculous.
Fleet actions? Can be Solo'ed. (Tanking your way against 30 Gorn ships or what)

Seriously Cryptic, You might do this for the newbies so that they stop complaining, but you also make people complain who like/need a challenge.

Why have I stopped playing PvE a long while ago? Just because if this reason. The only challenge you still get is by PvPing against real world players.

I know, I said newbies. And yes i was a newbie myself when I started this game, even when I finally got to Vice Admiral I was still a relative newbie. Did i want everything to be easy at the time? No. Absolutely not. Even then I wanted a game to be challenging. Cryptic, you ruin it for all of us just because of some 10% of the newbies complain about difficulty in different aspects of the game.

Thanks ALOT. Oh wait Ive got a great idea. It just came up to me.
Put the Borg gear in the C-store, this way people dont even have to do any trouble for any STF, and you've got another part of the game for sale.

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