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...He opened his eyes gingerly, the bright light burned at him. Where am I? he thought to himself, his senses still dazed, pain rippling through his body.

...“He’s awake, Captain.” came the sound of a female voice to his right. He tried opening his eyes again, shielding them with his hand from the white light all around him. Well she does not sound Undine, he thought.

...“I did not expect to find you here.” came a strangely familiar voice. He looked towards the man and squinted as he sight returned to normal. He was short, dark skinned with a full beard. Not a very attractive man either. In fact not even a man. The voice was that of a Tellarite. His eyes focused more on the Federation captain. As the sharpness returned he let out a groan.

...“Oh no, send me back to the Undine I’ll take my chances there.” he said bluntly.

...“Ha, ha. Tanar you always knew how to say the most charming things.” replied Captain Grak , with a certain edge in his voice.

...“I learned it from you. Still a captain I see?” snapped Tanar, pointing at his admiral pips.

...“I like being a captain, keeps me on the front lines, unlike you desk huggers.” He retorted.

...“Good, I’ll recommend you stay on the front lines,” He sat up and looked around the sickbay. “What happened?”

...“We had been sent into fluidic space to keep an eye on the Undine. We have been equipped with the latest sensors, they are far more effective against the Undine than anything your would have scene.” said the Tellarites, grinning from ear to ear. He took great pleasure in gaining any advantage over his former captain. They had served together on the USS London, until Tanar had promoted him to Captain, if not for his excellent command ability but to get his off his ship. Shortly after Tanar was promoted to rear admiral and too left the London. He knew Grak wanted the captain’s chair of the London and the change in ships had annoyed him. His annoyance only further compounded when he found Tanar had left as well. Tanar suspected that Grak blamed him for the transfer, thinking that he knew about his leaving the London and only promoted Grak to captain early to stop him from getting that chair out of spite.
Then again it would not have been the first grudge he had held onto. Tellarites are confrontational by nature, and enjoy insults and aggressive behaviour in any conversation at any time of the day. Most none Tellarites find them annoying and rude. Tanar was not like most none Tellarites however, instead he found them very annoying and very rude. Perhaps it was his Cardassian upbringing of order and respect, discipline above all else.

...Grak continued. “We detected a cardassian life sign coming from a bioship. We went to investigate, got into a little fire fight but we managed to beam onto their ship.”

...“I thought that was impossible.” he interrupted.

...The captain snorted. “Maybe for you perhaps. Technology has rolled on since you were last were out on the frontier.” Tanar sighed and shook the cobwebs from his aching head.

...“Anyway,” the captain continued. “when he arrived we found you and an undine standing above you about to rip your head off. We incapacitated the creature and brought you here. You had several nasty wounds and an infection from his DNA. You almost did not make it, but you pulled through. Can’t have everything now can we?” the Captain genuinely sounded disappointed.

...“I guess I’m tougher than I look.” he said, a faint smile trickled across his face that his continued living was a source of great annoyance to the little creature.

...“Or luckier.” The venom in his voice almost tangible. “We had a former drone on our ship. His nano probes cured you.”

...Tanar rose to his feet carefully, and rotated the stiffness out of his neck. “Where is the Relentless now?”

...“The Relentless?” replied Grak puzzled.

...“My ship,” he answered. “Not every admiral hugs a desk, captain. I was captured by the Undine but I managed to escape from their prison. That’s why I was on one of their ships. As to why they captured me I can only conclude it was to replace me.”

...“Hmmm, there is no telling what damage an Undine could do impersonating you. Grak to bridge.” barked the Captain.

...“Johansson here, go ahead sir.” The voice carried in the air.

...“Locate the USS Relentless.”

...“Aye sir,” replied the voice. There was silence for a few moments before the voice sounded again. “She is twelve light-years from our current position.”

...“Good, set a course, maximum warp.”

...“Aye sir.” The com linked chirped as it closed.

...He turned his attention back to Tanar. “We need to warn your crew.”

...“And tip our hand? No, we should hold off.” It pained him to not let his crew know the risk but it was too dangerous. Those people were his family, all he had left. He would not risk their safety.

...“You’re worried about them, I understand that but they need to know what they have on their ship.” he argued.

...“If he has infiltrated them then they are in no immediate danger. As long as he does not know I’m free we have the time. A remember of the Undine could kill half the crew. There is no way to get a message to them without running the risk that it will find out first.”

...“Admiral if you want my advice-” began the Tellarite.

...“I don’t” he shouted, causing several nurses to stop what they were doing and stare at him. He could not help himself, when ever he approached Grak he found his anger bubbling over. He was hungry, tired and now had a combination of Undine DNA and borg nanoprobes circling around his system. “Stay on course and maintain com silence. Do you have any quarters for me?” he asked regaining his composure.

...Grak studied him for a moment before answering. “Yes, deck 10, section 3.”

...“Thank you.” He said quietly almost as he was out of the sickbay door.

...“Oh Admiral…it’s good to see you again.” said the Captain loudly, a sardonic simile crossing his lips. Tanar just shrugged and strolled out. Was it a game to him? Was it his Tellarites upbringing? Tanar could not work out what it was exactly that grated at his nerves so much?

...As his number one, onboard the London, he had challenged every decision he ever made, sometimes even in front of the crew. Tanar had tolerated it because of the social differences at first, but even so social upbringing plays second to the chain of command. When Tanar had told him not to question his orders in front of the crew, Grak launched into a tirade of how he was putting his feelings in the way of the crews safety. On Tellarite ships, opinions are expressed openly, bluntly and at length. This openness had made him a fine captain, if a little quick to anger. Somewhere deep inside, in a place of his soul that he pretended did not exist, Tanar respected his passion but he was a creature of habit and discipline. Grak borderline insubordination at times was almost maddening for his ordered and structured Cardassian mind to bear.

...Not one to back down to any confrontation Tanar had made clear that he was not to question his orders again or find his backside floating home to Tellar Prime. Grak appeared to enjoy the argument, but eventually backed down. Only know he would continue to argue with him at every opportunity behind closed doors, often more passionately than before now he had lost his say on the bridge. Tanar tried to let it go. He did not have the energy to worry about Grak any longer.

...The Admiral made his way to his quarters and immediately requested a glass of water from the replicator; the first drink in days. He lay down on the unbelievable soft bed and fell asleep. He would need it.
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[I wrote this last year as part of a bit of RP with my fleet. It seemed to fit.]

Starfleet Administrative Channel 21.2
Stardate 88218.9

<Begin Transmission>

U.S.S. Sovereign Trust: Sovereign Trust, how may I direct your call?

U.S.S. Serapis: Admiral Varzec, please.

U.S.S. Sovereign Trust: And who may I say is calling?

U.S.S. Serapis: This is O'Ryon of the Serapis.

U.S.S. Sovereign Trust: I'm sorry, the Admiral is indisposed, can I take a message for him?

U.S.S. Serapis: Wait, why didn't you say so when I asked for him? Why did you want my name first?

U.S.S. Sovereign Trust: It's our policy, Mr. O'Ryon. Would you like to leave a message?

U.S.S. Serapis: That's *Captain,* no -- *Admiral,* no -- *Federation Envoy* O'Ryon. Look, this is an urgent matter concerning a Trust Fleet officer. It may be a life-or-death situation!

U.S.S. Sovereign Trust: Captain...Admiral...Envoy...Urgent...Officer...Dea th...

U.S.S. Serapis: Aren't you going to get Admiral Varzec for me?

U.S.S. Sovereign Trust: I'm sorry, Captain Admiral Envoy, he's indisposed.

U.S.S. Serapis: Aren't you listening? This is a potentially deadly situation!

U.S.S. Sovereign Trust: Oh my yes, it sounds terribly important, so I am writing the message in big letters with a fat pen.

U.S.S. Serapis: A fat pen? Are you kidding me? I want to speak to your superior officer!

U.S.S. Sovereign Trust: Of course, Captain Admiral Envoy, I'll patch you through to my Commanding Officer, Fleet Admiral Varzec.

U.S.S. Serapis: Finally! Thank you!

U.S.S. Sovereign Trust: Ooooh, I'm sorry Captain Admiral Envoy, Fleet Admiral Varzec is indisposed. Would you like to leave a message?

U.S.S. Serapis: Just... just... tell Admiral Varzec to contact Lieutenant Sepeni on Earth Space Dock, Medlab, OK? Urgent. Possible life-or-death issue.

U.S.S. Sovereign Trust: Call...Captain...Admiral...Envoy...Lieutenant...Sa issue...anything else?

U.S.S. Serapis: No, no that's it.

U.S.S. Sovereign Trust: Thank you for calling the Sovereign Trust, goodbye!

<End Transmission>
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(Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

"Captain...I have bad news." Commander Cherly said as she entered my quarters.

"What? What is it?" I asked, annoyed as I looked up from my PADD as I attempted to write a mission report about our recent shenanig-mission with Q rescuing the USS Copernicus.

"'s the Old Spice Guy, sir. He's been replaced."

"With who?" I asked, slightly annoyed.

"This guy, sir. His name's Fabio." She said, holding out a PADD. I watched it for three seconds and nearly hurled it at my nice display cases, despite the fact it was empty.

"And exactly what does Mr. Fabio have to do with our ship!?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"He's being assigned here...sir." She said hesitantly. My head immediately hit my desk.

"You have got to be kidding me." I muttered into my desk. "This is a joke, right?"

"No, sir. We decoded the message twice, sir." She said to me.

Taking a deep breath as I sat back up again, I turned to the simulated window in my room and rubbed my temples as I stared out into space. "Commander?"

"Yes, Captain?"

"Does the rest of the ship know about this yet?" I ask.

"Yes, Captain. Security has managed to keep things under control so far, but I fear that this might cause a split amongst the crew."

"A split, Commander?"

"Yes, sir. We ah...apparently have a few fans of the new Old Spice guy onboard."

"And the other side?"

"Most of the crew prefer the Old Old Spice Guy, sir."

I rubbed my temples. "Alright. From now on, no alcohol on board until I can sort this mess out with Starfleet. I swear, this must be revenge from that Admiral whose office I screwed with." I muttered.

"You screwed with an Admiral's office, sir?" The commander asked, tilting her head. "Why?"

"I was a captain before I was a captain. My idiot helmsman was the son of an Admiral, and after he crashed the ship into ESD despite orders to stop the ship at a safe distance, he ran to his father who blamed me and had me demoted. Thankfully, nobody was hurt."

"That sucks."

"Yes, yes it did - so I got even. Since he shot down my formal protests before they even left my desk, I uh...tweaked his computers a bit. The long and the short of it was that I changed the sensors in his office so it didn't recognize him as the Admiral, and then had the holo emitters make him think there were shape-shifters in his office." I said, smiling evilly.

"And then what happened?"

"He got locked in his office overnight and the next morning he thought anyone and everyone was a shapeshifter. Even had him thinking HE was a shapeshifter. Serves him right." I said defiantly.

"Captain! That's a bit harsh, don't you think?" She chastised.

I shook my head. "Hell no. I found a mound full of other dirt on him doing other things. As far as I'm concerned, Starfleet doesn't need Admirals like him with all of the hostilities going on, nor do we need an officer who relies solely on somebody else's power to achieve their means. It might've been a bit mean, but at least we don't have a moron in charge of a starship."

"Captain, the USS Thunderhead just arrived in system. Captain Sutherland's hailing us."

My head hit the desk a second time.


I nodded in annoyance. "Yeah - that's the ******* that crashed my ship the first time." I tapped my combadge. "This is Captain Rohman to bridge - what does Captain Sutherland want?"

"He's here to deliver the new Old Spice Guy, sir."

I took a deep breath as I tried to contain the irritation within me. "Excuse me." I said politely to my second in command. "You're dismissed."

"Yes, sir." She said, snapping to attention and saluting me before she left.

"Computer - seal door." I said out loud. I heard a beep, signalling that my door was now in fact, locked.

I took two more deep breaths before I picked up my latinum floor trophy and hurled it hard against the door.

On the other side of the door.....

Commander Cheryl had just left the Captain's room when she heard a very loud slamming noise against the door she had just exited.

"Jesus, what the heck did you say to him, Commander?"

She shook her head. "Nothing really important." She dismissed, sighing. It was going to be one of those annoying missions...
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"You will also be pleased to know, Captain, that Admiral T'Nae will be coming aboard for a surprise inspection."

Captain Vaihuu e'Hvalli paused, and looked over at her first officer, Commander Adeb. The older Andorian man's antenna curled in slight amusement at his commanding officer's reaction.

"Not much of a surprise if we know she's coming." The dark haired woman said, her voice laden with sarcasm.

"You know how she is."

Captain e'Hvalli let out a sigh, and rubbed the bridge of her nose, looking briefly at the painting of her ship, the USS Starfinder, on the wall behind Adeb.

"That, I do. You know, that woman has made a point to make my life a living hell, and you think she could at least do it right. Any particular reason she's coming?"

Adeb shook his head, and smoothed a blue hand over the white hairs of his goatee to cover up a smile that was playing at his lips.

"Not that I know of. I will caution, you, however, Captain, to keep civil this time when she visits."

"I was civil the last time." Vaihuu said defensively. "I wasn't the one underhandedly accusing someone of being a Tal'Shiar infiltrator. I'm not some little wet-behind-the-ears officer anymore. If she's going to take jabs at me, she better get used to me swinging back."

"Well, I'd prefer it if you kept your commission. Not that I wouldn't mind commanding this beacon of our science fleet, but I would miss your company."

Vaihuu took a deep breath, and smiled ruefully at her friend. "Fair enough. I will do my best.

"She's probably coming to just lecture me again about the Prime Directive, and question my loyalty as always. As if she can't accomplish these things over subspace, she has to go out of her way to do it face-to-face. I mean, what does she do, just roll out of bed and think, 'I need some time in the field. I know, I'll annoy Captain e'Hvalli for a few days. That sounds like fun.' I have a feeling, she is going to want Plomeek soup for dinner, too. You know how well Plomeek soup and dress whites go together. Just something else for her to criticize.

"That woman was the only one that opposed my entry into Starfleet, and since my commission she has nosed into every aspect of my life. Thanks to her, I can't eat dinner with a friend without a Section 31 operative snooping in a corner, or trying to look inconspicuous at a nearby table. Just because I am half Romulan doesn't automatically make me some spy. I've also gone to great lengths to be an upstanding Starfleet officer, she can at least give me that respect.

"And that whole nonsense over Alhahir...." Her voice trailed off, and she looked over at the window and the stars as they whizzed by.

"I know. You've said this before. In her defense, you were a Romulan naval officer before this, you did bypass Starfleet Academy, and you did try to kill Empress Sela. Being wanted by the Romulan government might make me a little suspicious, too. Especially with all the trouble lately."

Vaihuu's neck muscles tensed. "Don't take her side," she said with irritation. "I may have been an Imperial Naval officer, but my loyalties were pretty clear, and they have been ever since. And who hasn't tried to kill Empress Sela?"

The young woman turned away from the window, her thin lips pursed together.

Adeb stood for a moment, another sarcastic comment at the tip of his tongue, but looking over at Captain e'Hvalli's demeanor, he decided not to take any more jabs at her.

"I'm sure it will be nothing. Just take a deep breath and get through it."
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"You're a fool." Captain Jane Nori said in a calm, melodious voice, through the forcefield at Lieutenant General Hara Tal.

The Orion rose to her feet, towering over the small, redhaired Ocampan woman and moved from the bench where she sat previously, and leaned against the doorway of the holding cell aboard the IKS chonnaQ. The emitters hummed in her ears, and the electromagnetic field tickled her face.

"Your heart has been filled with J'mpok's cowardice, and the lies of those Dishonored Warriors that stand with him in that decaying Empire that you so covet.

"Look around. This system has enough dilithium in it to last us nearly sixty years, even with the war on. It's within a feasible shipping distance to the Empire, and the planet is occupied by a species whose technology four hundred years inferior to ours. It's time to think of ourselves.

"We can manipulate them. Convince them to work, and even fight for us. They are hearty, motivated souls as you can tell--"

Hara held up her gloved hand, shooting Jane an icy glare.

"This planet is within Federation territory, and even though they are not a member world, Federation ships do still patrol in this sector. You fired on two of their vessels to get your prize; one of them a flagship! You can bet Starfleet will be sending more ships, and what then? You and I both know the Empire can't afford another long, bloody battle." Hara growled.

"For the adopted daughter of one of the most highly regarded Nausicaan generals in the KDF's history, you sure are a disappointment. I guess that's why Efrain preferred me over you...sister."

A sneer stretched across Jane's lips.

"You and I both know he would not have his legacy, nor you your precious commission without me. How are you liking those new cannons, anyway...General? Did you bother to take the Cardassian naval emblems off yet? Or those pretty new Federation consoles that adorn your bridge? Or how about those cases of Kali-fal in your cargo bay?"

A low growl escaped Hara's lips, and she hit the keypad next to the holding cell, dropping the forcefield. In the blink of an eye, Hara advanced on the demure Orion and landed a hard blow across her face, sending her to a knee. Hara grabbed Jane's neck in her hand and squeezed hard, watching the Orion's face turn dark green.

"You are a snake, just like your former Romulan benefactors." Hara hissed harshly. She released her grip slightly to allow Jane some air, before tightening her fingers again.

Captain Nori coughed and then smiled, and Hara felt a rush of anger as she searched Jane's mind and only came away with a smug arrogance.

"Don't think for a second that the sham of an 'empire' that you claim to have protects you from anything. You and I both know that your army of crooks wouldn't hesitate to put a blade through that pretty chest of yours if they had enough reason. The fact that you are an adopted daughter of Efrain Tal, is the only thing keeping you alive. Never forget that. Perhaps that is a failing of mine, but you and I both know how important it is that the House remain together.

"You will return to your ship, and depart this system immediately, or I will risk everything and throw you out an airlock. Or worse...hand you over to the Feds and let them deal with you."

Hara released her grasp and backed away slowly, not taking her eyes off of Captain Nori.

Jane slowly rose to her feet, gasping. She brought a hand to her neck and rubbed where Hara had squeezed her, and coughed. Turning her dark eyes to the younger woman, she smiled in defiance.

"Kill me, or turn me over to them." Jane said darkly, stepping toward Hara. "I dare you. If you had done your homework like a good ship commander, you would know that the flagship I successfully disabled before you arrived is the USS Stellar Drift. I'm sure my...former Romulan benefactor--" Jane laughed "--will be happy to see me."

The ship's intercom blared off the duranium walls of the brig, startling Hara for a split second.

"General, sensors are picking up additional Federation starships entering the system."
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Captain's log: it's dark in my ready room, just the way I like it.
Soon he is disturbed by the rudest of interruptions. He hears a sharp energetic whoosh & a flash of light sparks inside the aquarium.

Supplemental: a small man wearing the robes of a 22nd century arbiter is... *sigh* ...boxing with my rigellian eel.


Droid: Q jr.? Not again!
Q jr. retorts in a mock Irish accent.
Q jr: Dearest Aindreas, me old chum; I t'o't I've told ya's never to call me that. I t'ink jus' plain ol' Q will quite suffice.
Oh cork it, I've told you the same just right; "Aindreas" died when he gave himself willingly to the borg.
Q interjects, back to his dynamically pronounced yet indifferent voice.
Oh that spittle again… for such a stand out mortal, you really can be drearily repetitive.
*Did Q just… compliment me?* Droid thinks to himself & shudders, reactively attempting to shake off the layer of Q mush.
I heard that… all knowing, remember? AnyQ, it’s all fine & dandy. Aren’t you the least bit curious about the pertinence of my visit?
No not really, business as usual I would surmise; & I’ve never been one of your satisfied customers.
You wound me, good doctor.
Your record is resoundingly clear, as was your fathers; up until the end, that is.
Oh yes of course, how could anyone forget? The ol' man went soft! He knew what was coming his way & simply resigned to his...
Q lays a left hook on the eel’s mid-mandibles.

Soon it realizes snapping at the interloper won’t cut the yamok, so it begins whipping at him with its tails.
Blasted brute; let the poor creature alone & pick on something your own size!
Size, mon amiral? You know nothing of the natural “size” of my being. If you did then it might put a little perspective on things, & you would cower in paralyzing fear as you well should.
If you’re mass is anywhere near as big as your ego then…
But! Q interrupts.
I don’t want your people to worship me, that would be too easy… no my true divine wrath is reserved for… lower life forms; or those that trifle with the Q. No, I don’t want your blind servitude; au contraire what I crave is your respect for my… talents!

Talents? Droid scoffs.
Yes, of course; & why not? I can really raise a few eyebrows around the federation. Why, I can play a better human than the best of them! Yet still your curiosity is most… curious. We… that is to say, “I” do love watching you get yourselves into trouble. We really don’t need to interfere… much.
I don’t have time to listen to someone ramble on about something everyone knows! Now why don’t you get out of the tank & pick on something sentient!
You sound like someone I've dealt with before… oh fine then. You humanoids really know how to make a big deal out of the tiniest trivial things. If only a klingon could even survive a battle of wits with the likes of me, I'd derive much more entertainment dwelling around in their faction. I tell you If some of our ranks had anything to say about the matter, so-called “sentient” bipeds wouldn’t even exist!
The eel zaps Q, who was caught off guard.
Why you desperate little… meal!
Bubbles fly from his mouth as Q raises a clawed hand at it; just as his fingers begin to flicker, Droid shouts at him.
Just… don’t! Like everything else you do, there’s no damned point!
Alright alright you've made your case, I’ve got bigger eels to fry. As for you! You can bet I’ll be back for a rematch, you nasty little critter.
Q flashes himself out of the tank, but he is still soaked & dripping all over the floor.
Whoopsie daisy!
He throws his upturned palms to his sides, & with yet another flash all the water flies off of him in an outward flurry; splattering Droid. He wipes his good eye…
Yes, very amusing... I know you can't actually get wet. How…
…& dries the implanted one more carefully with a rag.
…would you like it if I were an omnipotent entity & you were just a “mere mortal” trying to go about your business amidst my constant distractions? Oh sure you would only be slightly unnerved at first, & try to shoo me away & pretend not to be adhered hoping I’ll lose interest… but eventually you might teeter on the brink of insanity like I’m about to be! Of all the irrefutable annoyances in the galaxy you have got to be the most..
Q raises a finger.
I’m going to have to stop you right there…
Which he does, freezing Droid in place.

You pose a very interesting question Droid; do I detect, a hint of dare in your voice? What say we put your little scenario to a test! Droid? Droid? Yoohoo?
Q snaps his fingers at Droid, interminably stiff, his jaw dangling open. Even still, he remains ostensibly enraged, melting the ice with his rising body temperature & screaming from out his eyes.
Oh… *chuckles* this just won’t do will it? A change of scenery should do the trick, somewhere a bit more…
Q glares menacingly, the spitting image of his paternal creator.

He cracks the trademark sinister smirk, & snaps his copyrighted fingers.
Q ports them into the counselors office. Dedade turns around, startled. Just as she’s about to let out a quip, Q, abusing his power as usual, freezes her in place. Q transforms himself into her image.

How dare you… you omnipotent prepubescent miscreant! I demand that you cut out this nonsense!
Or what? You’ll call my daddy? I'll have you know that according to your precious "linear" calendar, I'm 36 earth years old. 36,000 if you count the years I spent in limbo while the other Q deliberated on whether or not to destroy me, my parents & erase their entire histories.
I should have tried to already, but I don't exactly have a Q-signal mounted on the hull. Besides, you’d probably just take my mouth or block my thoughts or even rewind time to stop me, so True Q wasn't even an option I was considering.
Very true... wait a millennia; "True Q?" Is that what your meek little mind has conjured up? I'm sure even in his current state he'd be mortified with your pet name; might as well be a dolphin under the leash of a targ. I suppose I can change back to my normal self but I have an appreciation for...
Once again he cranes his head at her, cocking it to the side as if he were an art museum curator inspecting a new arrival. Droid places himself between them.
...authenticity. I could just wake her up, but where’s the fun in that?

Droid replicates a blanket & walks over to her & tosses it over the ice cube that is now his ships counselor. Q then promptly makes it vanish.
Why the games? Make it right or we have nothing further to discuss!
Oh so you are willing to have a little chat? What's it worth to you?
Droid glares.
Oh don't be like that, it's just some same ol' same ol' primitive physical form, nothing I haven't been before. I have been them all, you know. Don’t worry, the blanket is still there, it's just hidden; go on, feel for yourself…

Droid then made a severe mistake: he trusted Q, quite on accident, as he reached for the supposed "invisible cloth." Indeed the trickster had lied, the blanket was no longer there, & he unfroze her at an inopportune moment where Droid’s hand was outstretched at level with Dedade’s midriff.
Dedade: Cap... Adm... Doc... Sir! How did I… Ooh!
She lays a rather steamy slap upon his cheek.
I never imagined…

Counselor, if you’ll please… have a look over there!
What? I don’t see anything…
She can’t see me...
He scoffs, covering his mouth with a stiff palm. embarrassing for you!

Please I meant no disrespect, I’ll explain later. Right now I suggest you just replicate a dry uniform & head to the bridge.
Still shivering, she wastes no time bolting to the replicator.
Hey, can't you just rattle around inside my melon to see that I'm telling the truth?
No, in fact I can't... I'm too furious!
Well, on to real universe events: I’m expecting a hail from Lt. Karbo, & I don’t trust those jittery ears… I want you to make sure he gives us all the details.
To think you call yourself a doctor…
Dismissed, counselor.
Yes… sir…
As she walks out the door Q remarks about how uncomfortable that situation must have been.
Droid replies –
I don’t know why she’s so suspicious of me... I’m a professional. Why I even make it a point to perform the physicals on each of my senior officers, even the unusual suspects like the Breen, the Reman & the Gorn; oh that wasn’t my strongest moment let me tell you, there is a distinct, pungent odor when it comes to…
Q snaps his repro fingers.
Attencion! You are boring me once again; there are more important matters at hand! Now that we’re alone, let’s talk about your challenge.
He blinks into the chair, places a pair of spectacles on his brim & brings up a clipboard.
Well don’t just stand around; we’ve a lot of ground to cover in this session. Have a seat!

Not now Q, I’m on an important mission in the B’Tran cluster… Blast it all Q, lives are at stake!
Oh you’ll be back in time, I promise.
Q flashes him into the sofa.
Promises… from you? Bah, no good, not in my book.
Well we’ll just have to add a few chapters, or hire a new editor. I volunteer!
Enough, already… get on with it.
Now that’s more like it! You’re gonna love this… we’re going to play a little role reversal.
Why don’t you just zap yourself into an alternate reality where I’m interested in wasting time with your shenanigans!
Oh trust me I’ve peeked. There aren’t any… You mortals are very brash when it comes to judging other species, especially we Q.
I would prefer to continue this in my own office.

To boldly go on...
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Q, you ought to know by now that no self respecting officer will ever take your bait. Even if we did, you might just put us all on trial again. Point & case: Riker VS Q continuum, circa 2364.
Oh don’t be so pretentious, it’s all in the name of good fun! What no one knows is that dear dad was instructed to give those powers to Jean-Luc. But as usual, he had his own agenda.
...& you’re calling me pretentious?

You’re calling yourself a self respecting officer? I know what you think when you look in the mirror every morning & see those implants. I know that you think you should be dead, that’s why you won’t acknowledge your past. And most of all I know that after all you’ve been through, you are the perfect subject to be put through this test. I’ll watch your precious little ship while you’re gone, no one will ever know the difference!
I’m not going anywhere, my personal desires are light years away, duty comes first.
We’ll see… the trial continues.

Q nonchalantly raises his hands & claps them twice by his head, & for once, without so much as even a flash, the deed is done.
Q… What have you…
Call me Droid, or better yet call me vice admiral; you’re the Q now.
A sensation of dread fills in the void of Droids depression, & his bowels seemed twist in agony. He bends over as if about to hurl.
The feeling will pass, it’s purely psychosomatic, you see: you don’t even have a stomach to feel sick anymore. Your appearance is now merely the residual image you are so hopelessly clinging to. You could be anything, do anything; you could go & meddle with time as you please, save your sister, wipe the borg from existence…
Droid flattens Q on his back with a savage elbow.
Ah, a physical blow…
Q wipes the blood from his lip.
…you have a flair for nostalgia, dear Q, though now you are capable of so much more, you still like to get your hands dirty like some impulsive primate.
Why didn’t you stop me? You just stood there & took it like a…
…Like a man? Well I thought you would have grasped that by now; that’s exactly what I am: powerless. All of my being is now yours, & I can't say I miss it.

Change me back!
He wraps his hands around Q’s collar & forces him against the wall.
Easy on the goods, supreme being you are, remember?
I said make it right!
Oh that is no longer within my range of abilities, it’s now up to you what will be done with this burden. The universe is your playground, I am completely at your mercy. If you truly don’t want it then give it back, or bestow it on someone you deem more… worthy.

Droid slowly releases him, suddenly acting cautiously as though everything surrounding him were only a fragile little toy. The frightening aspect of the matter was that this was true. Unsure of what consequences might arise based on his new inclinations, he hesitated to attempt to expunge the power of the Q.
The continuum won’t let you get away with this. How can they let you just change someone’s life like this? It’s irresponsible on all fronts, how do you know I won’t…
Abuse your power? Like that's never happened before...
Stop doing that!

What? Speaking your mind? It doesn’t matter to the continuum, a Q here, a Q there, it’s all a matter of balance. We don’t just influence reality, we’re a force of nature, no more so than the borg.
You’re nothing natural, you’re nothing more heathen gods…
You flatter me… but I’m no longer superior to you; I thought you of all people would appreciate that. I’m simply trying to show you that we have more in common than you think.

Even if that were true, I would go out of my way to correct that little fact; you are despicable beyond all absurdities! You are wicked, you’ve brought back the borg, & you’ve ruined everyone’s lives as you disturb the peace!
He slams his fist on the desk, & with a spark it disintegrates into its base molecular components & flitters away as it floats detractively into the air vents.
Temper, temper little star… so like a child you are, up above the world so high, how I wonder when you’ll touch the sky, & realize the gift I’ve given you…
Gift? This is little more than a manifestation of the very thing that blackens the hearts of sentient beings. It would instil envy beyond reason, no one life-form should possess power to this extreme. The fact that it even exists is a bane to all realities!
You think you’ve got it all figured out; always trying to blame the parents. Will the naiveties never cease?

I don’t know, will this madness never end?
Madness? You underestimate my goals! This is absolute, undeterrable, & oh-so-glorious chaos!
You’re telling me, I just obliterated my desk!

Droid takes a deep breath, as if it were necessary, & yet still manages to calm himself as he sulks over the dusty pile of shattered memories.
It was a gift, handcrafted by a good friend of Boothby’s. When he passed, he left it to me in his will. He didn't have much in the world, but he loved all the students, especially those that took the time to socialize with him.
If you still love your precious material possession, than simply restore it to it's former solidity.
Droid stares precariously at his hands, eying them both scrupulously.
You can do it, you can probably control these powers better than I can. It doesn’t take experience, only instinct. You corporeal beings understand want better than any other creatures in the galaxy; if you want something, then simply "make it so…"
Droid is too seriously obscured by his woe to laugh at Q’s remark, though he finally remembers why it was funny.
Heh. You presume much to assume you are worthy to quote a man who despised your kind more than words could express.
Quit dawdling & just give it a try!
Droid looks at his hand one more time, & outstretches it toward the space where his desk was. After a flicker of tiny lights, a dazzling rainbow of matter begins to stream from the ducts, joining with the pile & slowly but surely, the desk begins to reconstruct itself.
Oh don't be such a baby, pick up the pace already!
Q forcibly clasps Droids palm closed, & the desk becomes fully restored in an instant, but as Droid was distracted he inadvertently sears Q’s hand. Q flinches & scuttles off into the corner.
Ah… pain… I remember you fondly.
You really are insane, Q! What if I’d destroyed you? I don't know what I'm capable of!
You’re not "capable" of that level of iniquity, not yet… that’s why I chose you. Now: a little help here, o mighty healer?
I should enjoy watching you wince… however, I took an oath…

…to do no harm; yes of course you did. That in & of itself may make you a better Q than I could ever be.
Droid, forgoing his continuing impatience with Q’s interruptions, holds his truths self evidently & extends his hand over Q’s, healing it instantaneously.
Ohh... it’s a miracle! You truly are blessed & merciful!
Don’t push it, Q. I don’t know what I might “accidentally” do to you next time.
It’s so soothing; is that eucalyptus?

It’s just… what I was thinking about; my mom used to want to heal me the old fashioned way, with ointments, so that I would gain a better sense of self preservation through a natural healing process.
How touchingly barbaric…
No… I loved her for it. Now my scars are all I have left of my family.

A chime comes at the door.
Oh, we have company; I almost forgot that I wasn't holding us outside of space-time anymore. Quickly now, better hide!
Droid stiffens up & attempts, but is unable to vanish.
The theatrics really don’t matter, but I find it tasteful to make a little gesture: snap your fingers, click your heels, that sort of thing. It impresses the deity-fearing masses; having been one yourself I’d say it will give you the boost of pride you need.
Another chime comes at the door.
…& if that doesn’t, this will:


The doors streak open just as Droid snaps his fingers; & the first officer & the ships counselor walk in.
Dedade: Sir, who were you talking to?
No one, I was simply dictating my log.
Apparently it worked; Droid was still in the room & aware of his surroundings, but no one else could see nor hear him as he sat on the corner of his reintegrated desk & let out a huff of relief, & began to chuckle. Catching himself in a moment of glee, he took pause, & now wasn’t sure what to think. Q, now impersonating Droid, let out a little smirk as he looked around.
You have something for me, number one?
Droid folded his arms, squinting in disbelief at how quickly Q had assimilated his inflections, & his persona.
V'Buni: Yes sir, we’ve arrived in Gamma Orionis & the diplomatic envoy is en-route to escort us to the B’Tran cluster undetected.
Thank you commanders; any particular reason it took two of you to deliver this message?
V'Buni began a statement, but Dedade cut her off, deciding to front this question.
Yes sir, the first officer flagged me over when you didn’t answer the door the first time. I was… probing for intruders. I’m sorry if I’ve overstepped my bounds.
Droid, anticipating her next move, somehow figured out how to mask the now mortal & vulnerable Q’s thoughts with ease. He covered with enough of his own to be convincing. After she had been fooled, he knew it wasn’t her job to read the admiral at all times, & he trusted her not to again for the remainder of the day, that is... as long as Q continued to play a convincing Doctor.
No, not at all, you ought to know me better than that now. I know you only have the best interests of the crew & I in mind, so on behalf of myself & said crew: I thank you for your concern counselor. I was just meticulously wrapped up in this glaring account, but I’m finished now; let’s return to the bridge, it’s time we notified the rest of the crew of our mission.

To boldly go on...
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Queued - Computer Science: A sequence of stored data or programs awaiting processing.

They proceeded to the bridge. Droid began to follow but the doors closed on him; so he concentrated & managed to easily port himself onto the bridge, where the “admiral” had already taken his seat & activated the intercom.

Listen up… I know we’d all rather be somewhere else than in the trenches, there’s a grand universe out there to explore, & I’m sure if you could you would go anywhere but here in an instant.

At that remark, a glimmer seemed to flash in Q’s eye.

I’ve just received word from Lt. Karbo: our mission is one of great peril. Regardless, I want you to remember that we’re not just front line fodder, Starfleet doesn't work that way. We will meet this challenge head on as we face insurmountable odds, & I have faith in each & every one of you to perform your duty to the very last breath. As we’ve grown closer over the past year, I look back & remember several now unrecognizable enemies that plagued our everyday function: mistrust, betrayal, xenophobia; these attributes are now all but diminished…

He went on, almost over the top, but soon Droid began to tune things out, & the voices grew distant… His speech was indeed moving; in fact Droid had almost considered that he may not have been able to deliver it better himself! But now something was drawing him in, as if a warm breeze were scooting him out the proverbial doggie-door, to hunt down the scent of some unknown yet appetizing flavor. Oh yes, the chase was on.

Droid took one last look around, the bridge: so familiar, his shipmates: he'd known so well, they seemed steadfast & on the brink of tears. He turned to face the viewscreen, & all at once he felt relief, sure of his abilities as if the knowledge had always been there, merely awaiting discovery. He closed his eyes, & walked through the viewscreen into open space; something most captains have only dreamed of doing.

& to think... for the first time, a daring human now willingly stood on the brink of the greatest adventure life had to offer, & he could chalk it all up to Q.
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