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I remember doing "Stranded in Space" before and I heard about a lot of the changes to it, so, after getting my account back [and making a new character and getting bank into the swing of things], I knew I had to at least play until "Stranded in Space".

That was a frickin' amazing mission!

The cutscenes, the "you need a Science career to complete this" aspect, the fact that we actually get to beam down from our own ship...just an all-around amazing mission!

I can't wait to see the rest of them!
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04-09-2011, 04:03 AM
How recent are these changes?
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04-09-2011, 08:51 AM
According to the Release Notes, they updated it on February 2nd.
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08-07-2011, 03:55 AM
Hijacking this thread so I don't have to open my own ;-)
I guess I belong to the people which have more of criticism for this game then others. Now I got a great opportunity to give a positive feedback - I just came over the remastered version of "Stranded in Space" after having played it twice on other characters in the old fashion. (yes, I didn't play several months because of several issues to game had/still has in my opinion).
I am glad that you plan to remaster all the mission until 2012 because when they are all remastered in a similar quality, I am sure STO will be a lot of a better game.

I'll try to summarize what makes the difference from this mission to others I'm complaining about.
Sure thing: Cutszenes, actual dialogues which feel very much like Star Trek ("Beam them out!" - "I can't, Captain, the radiation is too high!"). We don't need to talk about that, its great!

The Azura itself: I guess it was already this way before, but I'd like to mention it all the same: The Azura interiors look quite good. The hallways are everything but plain. There are structures at the ceilings, the lighting is great etc. It just does not look boring like many other places (hallways of memory alpha, every station interiors in exploration missions, the large, mostly empty halls of my own ship and most of later planet surfaced which just look very anonymous).

I also like the treatment of the unconscious crew members of the Azura which will actually talk to you. It makes the place living and real.

And the show down where you want to beam the Captain of the Azura off and it explodes almost instantly is very great. I already thought she'd be gone ;-)

This interaction and building up of expectation is what creates suspense. Well done here!! The mission was very entertaining and full of immersion.

Minor comments to what could be done even better:

I think the transporter chief should be a known officer, this would even add to the immersion factor. Perhaps this is something which could come with the duty officer system? It would suffice if the name of the transporter chief would be known somehow.

And another positive thing actually: When I entered the turbolift to get to the bridge (great transition to the space action!) the camera zoomed OUT of the turbolift, showing me and my BOs in the lift. And the turbolift was of correct size - this should be done for almost all interiors: Scale them down and let the camera zoom out with some "we look through the walls" perspective. Then I feel like on a Star Trek starship.

It's exactly these details which I miss in STO and I am very glad seeing it is worked on them. One thing related to that: Are there any plans to fix my character to a console it's interacting with? It is very strange that the character starts typing something and when I move the mouse, it would just continue but turn away from the console. Looks quite weird ;-)

Thanks for the mission and please stick to the spirit in it!
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08-08-2011, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by Chew View Post
Hijacking this thread so I don't have to open my own ;-)
Oh deary, deary me.

Bumping up a thread more than 30 days? No. Now, go to your P.A.D.D. and write 200 times: After 30 days are done, I will start not bump; start a new one."
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