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08-08-2011, 05:02 PM
Originally Posted by Jizzak
The question is would you like Cryptic to devote some time to work on this or commit resources elsewhere.

Also, if they do "fix" this issue one has to wonder what will get broken in the process.

Presonally I can live with how it is, because I don't want them to break anything else as a result of trying to fix and improve the current system.
Well that is an attitude that doesn't encourage growth or fixes. One I completely disagree with.

Yes, I would like them to devote time to all manner of things that need attention. To ignore one thing because of the possibilities of what may happen in the future is.. well.. a folly in itself.

I might as well just stop breathing because I might inhale a bug. Or, I better not drive anymore in case I get into a car accident. Or, I should maybe stop feeding my cats because they might choke on the food. /sarcasm

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