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08-08-2011, 06:43 PM
Originally Posted by Doomicile
Does anyone really consider Warzone a PvP option? People do it to complete their Emblem daily when it pops up, grief camp the other team or just farm Blues to put on the AH for useless EC's.
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08-09-2011, 12:22 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
CnHs problem is not necessarily that people don't get what it's about. The problem is that what it's about is not so much fun to do. Capping is very boring. It's more fun to fly around and shoot people up. And unlike in Arena, you don't have everyone flying in his Fed or KDF ball, you have varied scenarios, thanks to the few that actually do what is "necessary".

There must be a way to make the capping process more interesting and more rewardig while keeping the chaos.

1) More ships capping does not yield much better results, while small teams capping is still reasonably fast.
2) There is a 2nd Capture State where mines and turrets are spawned around the objective, hardening the capture points against enemies.

Overall this would mean it's a good idea to spread out - but not too far, because then your enemy will just take you down. People that focus on capping more get better benefits for their respective capture point.

Cap and holds are some of the few chances to fight people in small engagements, 2 or 3 participants at a time instead of having a well oiled gang bang machine plow over your arena pug.

That aside its as you people already said: Capturing is boring and feels unrewarding especially if someone just swoops in and starts to recap while you are still trying to cap the next point. and somehow it always seems to go a lot faster for them too. XD

Cap and hold, needs some redoing.
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08-09-2011, 02:28 AM
I like cap and hold now that I've figured out how it works. As it turns out, I am usually on either the winning team, or the team that gets the kill trophy. The only time I feel like I've lost is when I am neither on the winning team, nor can we claim the kill trophy. That is a rare event. I'd like recognition of my kill trophy, and eventually - having gathered enough of them - have it become a floor trophy in my ship.

All of this just points out how bored I've become with the two different types of PvP there are. I'm able to rationalize not winning the game and finding other ways to salvage a bit of fun out of it. woohoo

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