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# 1 In Search of Fleet [EXPIRED]
08-10-2011, 01:53 PM
This search request is no longer active. Thank you everyone for responding.
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08-10-2011, 03:32 PM
If you don't mind a smaller yet very well established (and historical) fleet, check out We are the oldest online Star Trek gaming clan and our STO division is always looking at recruits. We also support a variety of games and will be branching out to Infinite Space when it comes out!
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08-10-2011, 05:35 PM
Originally Posted by Seritle View Post
I'm looking for potential fleets to join up with for the most part.

Just to give a little about myself (so you can get a better feel for who I am), I'm a pretty big fan of Role Playing, I mean I'm not dead set on it, but I feel that it supports the full feeling of immersion into the game when meetings are held and all that kind of jazz. Chains of command and reporting and all that, I love that stuff. I don't mean to bring the name here but I was a part of a player organization that did that sort of thing on SWG to really get the members feeling like they were actually their characters when they played so I really can't emphasize enough that it's a huge plus to me

I'm not a PvP fan, but if I happen to be asked to get into the action, you can believe I'll try my best to not get us all killed lol

I love PvE as a result of not loving PvP

I'm an Engineer and I fly a cruiser so broad-siding is the meat and potatoes of my love for my ship XD

I don't imagine it's a rare sight to see another person with maxed out R&D skill, but that's another quality to my character no matter how I slice it.

Aside from all of that (and I'm sure I might be forgetting some info that you may or may not be looking for), I just like feeling that I'm part of a team of people instead of just feeling like I.. for example, live in the same apartment complex as someone else.

So if there's anything you want to ask you're more than welcome to message me on here or in-game.

I believe my handle is @Seritle, character name is Seritle Zeales, and (if you really need it) my email is

(You may notice a pattern there XD)

Happy exploring!

EDIT: Kinda forgot I was posting in a Federation Fleet Recruitment forum so.. removed all the redundant "seeking federation" business lol
Hi Seritle, I'm not going to brag about how great the 12th is, I'm not going to tell you we are just what you are looking for, and I'm not going to tell you to join up right away.

I'm going to tell you what we are about and you can decide the rest yourself. We are a family, that is our Alpha and Omega.

When I came to STO I made a choice, no fleets. I got PMs, Emails, invites in game, and I didn't know any of these people. I had just hit captain when I got into a massive furball while playing with a group of pugs, when we got a much needed boost to our forces, a member of the 12th.

The player new the score, new the tactics, new how to win. Just around this time I was considering quiting STO as it had lost its apeal and it just felt shallow.

When I finally gave up on the idea of going at it solo I recalled that member of the 12th, and how much fun I had had playing that pick up game.

From what I read about you and what you are looking for you should come by and check it out. The link at the bottom of my sig will take you to our forums and you can see for yourself what we are all about.

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