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# 1 Fix the Guramba Siege mode
08-11-2011, 04:21 PM
Since alot of other ships are getting fix lets look at the Guramba.

The Guramba dynamic work perfectly, Siege mode works as it name state as a siege dynamic.

When Javalin was implemented it was 1/3 more powerful than phase lance on the galaxy X.
Both ships were consider gimp by testers and players, compared to other ships its level it did not meet the standard.

The Galaxy X was buff with an extra weapon slot and boosted phaser lance to javelin potency.

No such buffs were ever given to the Guramba destroyer after its fed counter part was buff into line with other ships.

Repeated testers during beta of this ship requested over and over again to drop the -50% turn rate in siege mode. I myself did not like this suggestion, the word siege mode fit the lower turn rate, why not instead buff Siege mode with a extra shield regeneration rate. Giving the player, the option to fight like a tanky/escort with bad maneuverability or a normal escort with maneuverability.

Lets look at siege mode +10 weapon , + 5 shield, -50% turn rate, minor energy drain on opponent.

We sacrifice a engineering console for this, why when we already sacrifice a -50% turn rate when entering Siege mode.

My proposal

Siege mode, +10 weapon, +5 shields,-50% turn rate, Minor energy drain on opponent, + 22% regeneration rate on shields.

It would take 5 + turn rate console to get +50% turn rate,

If you count the -1 engineering console the guramba already has, + this -50% disadvantage .
You just gimp your self -6 engineering console by entering siege mode.

Now lets add the advantages
+10 weapons power is 1.8 consoles, +5 shield is .8 consoles, so stander siege mode has a buff of about 2.6 console which is overcome by the -6 already in place from the gimps to siege mode.

If we add 22% regeneration to this which is the equivalent of 2 regeneration consoles, we get +4.6 -6= -1.4 consoles, still a little gimp but much on the same line with other ships with javelin to compensate.

There is no need to state Javelin draw back, but if a reminder is need i will state it; While firing Javelin all other weapon stop = a neutral effect, the loss of dps from weapons is compensated by javelin but no real gain is occurred.

This ship might not get the attention so much because of its numbers but if people are will to shell out $25 let at least make it equal to other ships. I only use this ship to gimp myself because my raptor is easy mode. Plus it looks menacing .

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