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# 1 Feedback from KDF newbie
08-12-2011, 08:25 AM
From the perspective of a new KDF player (previously played as Federation), may I suggest that the KDF home starbase (First City) to give more naming instructions to which section of First City you are at?

For example, again from a new KDF player's perspective:

Quest: Speak with B'Elotia the Sparring Master in the Warrior's Hall.

1) So where is the Warrior's Hall?
***Please, add the English name for the room into the Room Signs on top of each chamber's entrance!
Currently it is only in Klingon language, but I don't read Klingon!
(Suggest treat it like the signposts--first sight the Room Signs are in Klingon, then change to English).

I ran around First City, there were very few signs pointing which room is in which direction.
When I do find the occasional Signpost saying the "Challenge Room" is this way and the "Exchange" is that way... but I could not find the Warrior's Hall !

Moreover, I could not tell which room was the Warrior's Hall from the Map, there was no Index of all rooms for me to examine.

2) I pressed "M" to access the Map of First City, pointed my cursor over each and every NPC to check its name on Map, but could not find B'Elotia?

Don't get me wrong, the Federation Starbase at Sol had very clear signs saying which rooms are in which direction, and I'm frankly surprised that the Klingon Starbase (First City) had such poor signs/directions...

Please note that I've been around since Open Beta STO, and I've seen several iterations of the KDF First City, this current format is already an improvement (at least there are signposts now!!), but still need work from a KDF newbie's perspective.

I mean, if I can't find Warrior's Hall to speak with B'Elotia, how can I continue playing as KDF?

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