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# 1 BOFF free Bridge for RP Idea
08-12-2011, 11:38 AM
II'm a pretty hardcore RPer and so is my Fleet. Everything we do in this game as a fleet is RP. WE have RP ships each with RP Captains, RP Senior Officers, and RP crewmen. We do alot of RP on the Bridge and RP scenarios with each crewmember maning their specific Bridge station.

One of our biggist headaches are all the NPCs sitting and maning various stations and senior officer chairs on the bridge. We have to resort to using the engineer shield popwer manuver to push the NPC BOFF out of the chair and onto the floor. its time consuming, requires alot of skill with trail and error, when u push them they just sit on the floor and ruin the immersion, if you push the BOFF too far away from the chair they get up and sit back down. It is sooooo anoying.

What would really be helpful, would a small button located on the bridge, in the Captain's Ready Room, or in the Starship Editor that would turn off NPC BOFFs on the Bridge... but not in the other decks and hallways. This could be done much like the TOS Window Shields in the TOS Bridge Interior. Just a simple toggle to turn display BOFFs on or OFF.

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