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So I just hit RA:LH and have decided to switch from Cruisers to Escorts for a bit, using some of my free respec options.

My question is: For a long while I've relied on having only 1 tactical officer with a small group of powers, FAW1 and Tac Team 2. On my RA cruiser I have those two, plus my previous tactical officer's Torp Spread 1. Switching from the cruiser to the fleet escort has me all turned around from what powers I need my Boffs to have. I'm about to go create some Dual Heavy Cannons for the fore weapon slots, and maybe a set of turrets for my aft slots, with a quantum launcher in each side for good measure.

What powers should I be equipping my Tactical Boffs with to get good DPS since my shield isn't going to last as long or be as sturdy?
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08-13-2011, 03:37 PM
I would say you need to have a few basic things. You need a tac team, you need a rapid fire, you need some kind of attack pattern.

Here is something basic you could try out. Assuming you are using a few heavy cannons, some kind of beam array/bank and a torp.

Tac team 1, Rapid fire 1, Beam overload 3, Attack pattern omega 3
Tac team 1, Rapid fire 1, High yield 3

If you use 2 emergency power to shields a hazard emitter and a transfer shields, your shields should be fine. Add on 2 tac team 1s and you'll be good.

Tac teams will give shield distribution, and an added buff. High yield 3 and over load 3 will take out hulls.

If you don't have overload 3, well, get it! If you are not a tac capt. and cant train high yield 3, find someone who can if you're in a fleet, or I can hop on my fed and help you out.

2 heavy cannons, dual beam bank, quantum torp
2 or 3 turrets/quantum torp

Pretty basic set up that works well.
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08-13-2011, 03:50 PM

Real DPS boost comes from Beam overloads, Attack pattern omega, Rapid fire, stuff like that.

Atttack pattern beta and High yield etcetera will make you do more Hull damage (When timed correctly). But this will not do you any good against plain shielding (Torps do dmg but not significant against shields). So if you have trouble getting a shield down in the first place, i think for instance Beta wouldnt be that good of a choice. And it has a shared cooldown with Omega.

Also keep in mind that its more viable to use a HY1 then not to use it at all, the difference between HY1, HY2 and HY3 are smaller then having none at all. (Just an obvervation) HY3 fire more torps (4), so you have more change to hit a torp against the hull. HY1 fires just 2 torps but they do more damage per torp (although overall HYT3 does more dmg), the HY1 torps crit higher when they do.

For beam overloads, efficient-wise its better to have Beam overload 3 then Overload 1, since they all do -50 energy drain, and BO3 has the most power for the same drain.

Use Rapid Fire's on a rotation so you are always firing with a little bit more cannon damage. (And it looks neat)

Well cheers. Cya.

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