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# 1 Anyone run 4 DHC
08-13-2011, 08:55 PM
I'm an engineer captain and I am experimenting with my weapon setup. I usually run 3 DHC and a Quantum up front with 3 turrets in the back. I have been thinking about running 4 DHC up front. My question is has anyone done this and how did you fair. I find I use more of the DHC with the quantum coming in on the bigger enemies. Please let me know an information you can and I thank you for your time.
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# 2
08-13-2011, 09:41 PM

Personally I do not use 4x DHC for alot of reasons.

Reason one:
You do have nice sustained damage, but the burst is medicre. Using Beamoverload (Dual beam bank) gives you at least 1 burst which can just as well end in a 40-50-60K crit. (Depending on all kinds of aspects)
Seconded that it can easily punch a hole in someones shields were u can easily shoot some torps (or torp) at he naked hull. Alot of times, a Beam overload or some nice Torp salvo is all you need to kill someone.

Reason two:
Personally, and i use the defiant, I cannot seem to efficiently distribute the most worthy skills on my Bridge officer stations. Even with a Dual beam bank and DHC's on front I already throw away 1 ensign tactical. I can remedy this but that will drop my actual RAW DPS somewhat.

Reason three...
Um I dont know, it just doesnt seem very efficient to me. 3x DHC + DBB would be a good choice. Personally I add my tricobalt launcher, but it requires some delicate timing. But it also saves me another 1 or 2 slots for additional energy DPS because Tricos dont have the need for High yield ability.

One upside of all this is that you wouldnt have to spec into the Tier 2 (I believe) skill 'Beam Weapons'. But as i find this only a very minor disadvantage, i dont think its worth losing a DBB. And yeh, if you dont use Torps either, that Tier 2 skill and the specific torpedo Tier 3 skill will also save some skillpoints.

Well thats all I can say. I will try it out sometime but I doubt the result would be satisfactory. (at least as a Tactical CAptain) On a side note, you are a engineer. So your Captain abilities arent fully aimed at high burst dmg (ofcourse you do have nadion inversion and EPS transfer). But with these abilities you can sustain high weapon power thus DPS (sustained dmg). Ive yet to try Engineer as an escort myself, so I cannot say for certain. I would probably go for a DBB with two beam overloads, you can use it every 15 seconds. (And with the engi skills you would have less problems keeping ur weapon powder up)
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# 3
08-14-2011, 09:20 AM
I fly the defiant. and I USED to use 4 DHC's. The reason that I am not anymore is for a couple of reasons.

1. Power. With 4 DHC's and 3 turrets, you are going to need 2 EPS flow regulators to keep up with the power drain, even though you have EPS power transfer because it only lasts for 30 seconds.

2. No kinetic damage. Quatums give you kinetic damage, which is great against cruisers, because it takes there crew down.

Plus, Quantums don't use power, so so that helps. I run 3 DHC's, and 1 quantum up front. I personally don't really care for Beam Overload, because I like the kinetic damage that the Quantums do.
Se, what I have is CRF 2, THY 3, THY 1, CRF 1, so I just keep switching between the two. BO will use your power up, especially if you use two. That, along with your cannons, and and your cannons aren't going to put out much DPS. You might want to consider Just DC's because they do use less energy.
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# 4
08-14-2011, 09:54 AM
I've used 4 DHC before. It can be fun and I found it as effective as many other set ups

When I used it I also used CRF3. That becomes like the drug you wait for all the time Always waiting on the CD to end...

Also, the TAC BO powers become pretty thin. I actually but some arrays on back because then I could use some Beam Target X abilities to fill the gaps

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