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08-15-2011, 01:41 PM
Originally Posted by Trygvar View Post
Don't forget that only 12 Constitution-class starships were ever built and that at least 5 of them were destroyed. So there couldn't be more than 7 Connies anyway...
... have a look at Franz Joseph's tech manual fo rmore names of ships. But aside from that when the Galaxy entered into TNG there were meant to be only 5 of them... I've seen a few more than that around STO

As for the age of Connies ...lets just say D'Kyr and have done with it. But thats all a bit academic, Cryptic and CBS have said no, we can't have one.

But, the TOS set I would bet is one of the best selling items in the C-Store... go figure... I would have prefered that we have multiple era's to play in, but, that would be unrealistic, so I play a time travelling character, who is allowed to indulge his uniform choice, due to the current uniform code, and is allowed to customise his bridge to look like a connie to ease his command style into 2409...

Back on to topic, I would love communicators and Tricorders for the TOS kit I already have and new beam up animation to support the new communicators

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